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June 03 2011

Julie Benz on The Nerdist Podcast! In episode 94 of the podcast, Julie Benz talks to Chris, Matt and Jonah about Star Wars, puppies, TV ratings and being a child figure skater.

This was recorded before No Ordinary Family was cancelled.

This was one of most enjoyable episodes I've heard. She is absolutely delightful, charming and funny. I want to marry her. Whedonverse ladies are the best

Also, I was a bit shocked to hear Chris Hardwick say that the Buffy movie was great. I think he lost some serious geek cred there. I was kind of shocked. I don't think he was even aware of how many Whedonites hate that movie, or Joss's own feelings about it
For me, he GAINED geek cred. I also like the movie. I liked it in the early 90s' and I like it now. Just because the series now exists does not change for me how charming and fun I find the movie. If someone gives me a new pair of shoes, I'm not going to suddenly turn around and set fire to my old shoes, especially when they've served me just fine for so many years and are still comfortable. I'd rather keep and wear both for as long as I can. :)
Not sure if liking or not the movie can gives or take him geek points. To me, the fact that he saw the movie deserves credit as a fan or nerd.
I liked the Kristy swanson version, even Joss did'nt (I hate Star Wars and maste Wheddon loves it, so, we're even). The characters weren't near as good as in the show, and even with very good actors (Donald Sutherland, Hutger Rauer) the acting was very bad. However, the idea behind the movie, of a cheerleader fighting demons was wht gets me.
Good on Chris Hardwick, I say!

The movie meant the world to me as a child and for that alone I will probably always favor it to the series. Hell, I actually hated the show when it first started because it was nothing like the movie! It took me until roughly the halfway point of season five to give it a second chance. When I decided I could take them as totally separate entities, I grew to enjoy the show immensely. I don't see why some people seem to feel like they have to hate the movie if they love the show or support Joss Whedon. Each is very good in it's own way!

As for Joss' view of the movie; I realize he got fucked over pretty hardcore while making it, but I hope he recognizes that even though it was a bad time for him, some people actually did take something positive from it. At least in my case, enough of his original vision shined through to get the most important message across (you know, that whole 'equality' thing). Buffy was the first great female hero I experienced as a child and because of her, I realized that females/female heroes are every bit as amazing as males/male heroes. I have the movie to thank for that.
I just found it funny that for a guy who presents himself as being pretty up to date on all things nerdy and frequently mentions Joss Whedon on his podcast, he had no idea of the backlash towards it from a large section of the Whedon community as well as Joss himself.

It's like catching Chris Hardwick with his pants down or something, just not something I expected. He's the guy typically making fun of the things that are genuinely frowned on by geeks and nerds out there so I thought it was funny when he said the Buffy movie was a great movie that still holds up and Julie Benz was like, "what?"

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