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June 03 2011

"Teen Wolf" remake inspired by "Buffy." The creator of MTV's Teen Wolf remake has revealed that the series is inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

also, the Spider-Man comics.

I will give it a chance because a friend of mine worked on it... But it doesn't look very promising.
And says Chris Buchanan:
Another interesting connection: Jeph Loeb wrote the original Teen Wolf & was the showrunner on the unborn BtVS Animated series

I wish people would stop saying something was inspired by Buffy to create buzz. I haven't seen a whole lot of shows live up to that promise despite those claims. Saying Buffy inspired a show is claiming a certain quality that not a lot of those shows even come close to. Kinda irks me.
What's your method for determining when it's just to create buzz and when the creator(s) mean it?
Saying something is "inspired by" and saying something "lives up to" are drastically different. I don't think anyone is trying to claim the latter and it seems very legitimate to claim the former. (did I use that right, b!X?)
The second you mention certain fandoms, you know their fans are reading. This fanbase... definitely one of those. It creates a buzz and it creates the expectation of a similar show or similar quality.

That it's a teen show with a supernatural effect seems to consistently lead to references of Buffy. Rarely justified. Hence the irk.
I'm seeing more Twilight than Buffy in that promo. *So* tired of the trope where male sexuality=violence and lack of control.
erendis, yeah, it gets old after 3000 years or so. When was Gilgamesh written again?
yeah...not checking this out unless I hear that it's way better than expected by people who already watch it. nothing about it looks appealing to me.
I'm definitely going to check this out. I'm hoping the series retains some of the quirky fun and personality of the original movie with Micheal J. Fox.

I'm kind of sad that the character of Boof is absent. She was fun.
I think it seems very Vampire Diaries-esque, but the promo pic is very twilight-esque (which is bad, sorry twilighters).
I'll deffinitely give it a go though, it looks like it may be good.
I think it's definitely meant to be more evocative of "The Vampire Diaries". Even the plot synopsis sounds more "Vampire Diaries", right down to making me wonder if David Anders would be in it, except then I remember it's on MTV and of course David Anders won't be in it.

I'm placing my expectations right around where I would have put them for BBC's "Demons". I definitely think there's a market for some vampire pushback in favor of the arguably much cooler world of lycanthropy. If this finds an audience of Worgen players and Team Jacob refugees, it could hold up. I'd feel better about it's chances as a CW show or FX or SciFi.

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I have no idea if this will be any good or not but I thoroughly applaud MTV for adding scripted genre programming to their schedule of utter unscripted crap. I'll celebrate scripted genre programming wherever we can get it. And I would imagine that lovers of scripted genre programming would at least sample it before rejecting it outright because a single picture might kinda make it sorta maybe look like Twilight. Seriously? That's how we judge programming these days? The promo shot could maybe possibly look like something that I could possibly dislike? I fear for the future.
I wasn't judging the show on the promo pic and the fact that it looks like a twilight promo. It was just stating that it's a very simular promo to twilight and in my opinion it's a bad move as it seems like it's targeting that audience, which may or may not be good as their are a lot of mixed views on the twilight saga.
I'm judging the trailer, not the promo pic, and i believe the show looks like it may have potential and looks very simular to Vampire Diaries (also a statement)
IrrationalTV, I didn't judge solely by the promo pic, I watched the trailer. And what I saw reminded of Twilight, particularly the depiction of a teenage male whose sexuality is equated with violence and lack of control--and who is presented as attractive and sexy largely because of these traits. I'm aware that this is a very old trope, but it's one I find distasteful (to say the least).

If I'd seen evidence in the trailer that this show was setting out to subvert common tropes (as Buffy did so often and delightfully), I might give it a shot. But that wasn't what I saw, and the trailer showed enough plot points that I think it's a reasonable basis for making a decision about the show. Obviously, this is simply my opinion, and if other people find things to enjoy in the show, I'm happy for them.
erendis, don't forget that Buffy also did the male's sexuality as lycanthropy metaphor. That's not an argument against you in any way, just an interesting point. Of course, the interesting thing with Oz was how controlled he was as a human contrasted with his attitude as a werewolf. I actually quite like the trope, as it is an interesting topic to think about. (At the end of the day, do we control our primal urges or do our they control us? How do we find a balance? Caveman vs. Astronaut?)

That's not to say the trope hasn't been overused. If that's where this show plans on going, then it would be nice if it found a way to say something new about it. Also, I have a hard time believing the main character could be half as likable as Oz. :)
It's good there will be another genre show on TV, and that it comes from the creator of Criminal Minds is a real plus. But, I had high hopes for Vampire Diaries based on Ian Somerhalder's rather unique approach to his character but was sorely let down by the rest of the series as it progressed. Still, it seems to be the Dawson's Creek version of vamps, witches and werewolves for the young set, and it keeps genre in the forefront of studios' minds, so it's all good as far as I'm concerned. So why not have a lycanthrope version, though I'd rather have a show for adults.

I don't know about Buffy being an inspiration for this show but when I think back to the Michael J. Fox film, how fun and charming it was, and the scene with Fox the teenager meeting his father at the bathroom door, if you remember it, to me that has more carryover to Oz talking to his Aunt Maureen on the phone about Jordy being a werewolf or when Xander tells Oz:

Xander: Yep, vampires are real. A lot of 'em live in Sunnydale. Willow 'll fill you in.

Willow: I know it's hard to accept at first.

Oz: Actually, it explains a lot.

Also, Stephen Mooney and David Tischman, two guys who worked on ANGEL for IDW, are doing the comic tie-in for this. A preview is up on MTV Geek now.

I'm seeing more Twilight than Buffy in that promo. *So* tired of the trope where male sexuality=violence and lack of control.

I guess the problem I see is that this is an action show (whereas I never viewed the movie that way.) With that backdrop, I'm not sure how you subvert that trope. If he's in control and well adjusted, then he's just Superman and people love to call him boring. Actually, I have some ideas, but I'm not in the biz.

I don't disagree though, I think that particular trope is becoming (especially with people becoming hypersensitive to other tropes) such a go-to, no one's going to raise a ruckus plot device that I don't see anyone trying to subvert it any time soon.

The last show that was actually good at it was MacGyver and that was from a completely different age of television. I haven't seen the action star with little need for violence since. It would be interesting to see that type in a serial show though.

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Besides the first 8 minutes at the topic link, I just watched other clips at MTV's website, and they were enjoyable (certainly nowhere near Demons bad). There's an amusing exchange about Wolfsbane in one of the clips and the scene with the girl is spoilery, so beware (the full moon) ... sorry.
Thank you, Tonya. Got a good smile there!

As you all may recall, a werewolf is a soul inflicted with a force unknown. The pain and torment upon that person is unspeakable. Just thought I mention that.
So was the show any good last night? EW gave it a decent write-up?
It was on too late at night for me on a work night, but I'll see if it's on the MTV website to watch later today.
I have seen and liked the first episode. But it's not remotely "Buffy"-esque. If anything, it's somewhere between "An American Werewolf in London" (which so far as I can tell is the forerunner of most self-aware horror/comedy, including "Buffy" in some ways) and "Vampire Diaries" (teen angst). I will say it compares favorably with "Vamp Diaries" in terms of having a decent sense of humor without sending itself up, and the internal mythology looks to be interesting (more going on than just high school student turns into werewolf). And however you felt about the original "Teen Wolf," apart from the title and the fact that the lead is a teen, there aren't many similarities there. As for the loss of control with sexuality business, I get the feeling our hero may actually learn some self-control in order to woo fair maid (though I could be mistaken, having only seen the first ep).
Is nothing sacred ?! I mean clearly 'Teen Wolf' isn't, just thought i'd take the opportunity to ask a general question.

I'm placing my expectations right around where I would have put them for BBC's "Demons".

'Demons' was an ITV show, not BBC. "Credit" where it's due ;).
I'm watching it right now, and so far, its enjoyable enough. It's not breaking tons of new ground or anything, but it has a good pace, the actors are decent and the story is compelling enough to keep watching.

As for comparisons to Buffy, I can see how it is similar in tone, where it doesn't take itself too seriously without making fun of itself. Its too soon to say how the characters will develop and how the ongoing story will unfold.
I liked it. Not a bad start for a genre show aimed squarely at a teenage audience.
I can't say I was overjoyed with it but I didn't find it boring either. It does lack the personality and the humor of the Michael J. Fox film.

The best I suppose I can say is it was a lot like what I imagine Dawson's Creek would have been like if Dawson had been bitten by a werewolf?
Does that mean the female love interest is going to end up with Stiles ?
LOL! Who knows? Maybe.
Saje, a Dawson's Creek fan? I never would've guessed! ;)

Echo all the 'decent, but must wait to see more' takes. It could've been better, and I'm a tad surprised by the lack of diversity in the cast--especially for an MTV show aimed at a teen audience--but it has potential.
Okay so I just got through watching the second half of the premiere and it was way more interesting than the 1st half.

I may have to keep watching this one.
Saje, a Dawson's Creek fan? I never would've guessed! ;)

What can I say, I just didn't wanna wait for my life to be o-vverrr ;).

(full disclosure - probably saw way less than half the episodes, enough to be curious how it ended and so watch the finale though)
Um... me too, me too... *whistles*

Seriously, though, I did stop at some point and came back just for the finale.
OK, fuller disclosure (overfull ? spilling ?), maybe not way less than half ;).
Got a little disclosure on me... careful there. ;)

I honestly couldn't tell you when I stopped watching. IMDb tells me it went 6 seasons, so during/after the 4th maybe? Probably a little more than half for me. Don't feel too guilty!

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