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June 03 2011

Alyson Hannigan as the perfect mother. Aly remains as sweet as ever in this article from Huffpost about her role in the new AP movie and on motherhood in general.

That is a cute interview. I've watched the sequels because of Alyson's funny character (she was my favorite character in the first movie and I enjoy seeing her 'grow up', which of course none of the characters will ever do). I'll enjoy seeing her play a Mom.
She is filming this movie about 40 minutes from my front door1 I would go and try to watch the shoot, but Atlanta traffic would turn that into a 3 hour round trip.

It's not as easy to have a baby as we all fear it is when we are teenagers and twenty-somethings. As a not-by-choice-childless-thirty-something, the announcement of the birth of her and Alexis' first child was TIMELY news. To this day, whenever I feel low the thought of her becoming a first time mother in her mid-thirties lifts my spirits and helps me keep on keeping on.

I'm glad that she seems to be enjoying motherhood both on and off the screen.

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