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June 06 2011

Jane Espenson and Georges Jeanty talk about Buffy Season 9. This interview was conducted last week.

We should be seeing our first solicitation for Buffy Season 9 #1 soon.
That was a fun read. Not a lot of new information, but I love that they're both so enthusiastic about the new season.

(Though I'm pretty sure the Spike line they (mis)quot is from S3's "Lovers Walk", not "Fool for Love.")
It was Lovers Walk, but who cares? They're both excellent episodes.
Nice interview.
Yeah, I spotted that the quote was from the wrong episode too. *g*

As for Jeanty's 'Hyper realism' remark. Really? He really thinks that..? Dear lord....*polishes glasses*

I do love Jane Espenson. Such a lovely lady.

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I quite like his art, it has a crisp freshness to it. And I wonder if the writer of the article misheard the Spike quote.
I am not a fan of Georges Jeanty's Buffy art simply because I want the characters to look as much like the actors as possible, and he's only really been able to capture Xander, Giles and, to some extent, Faith. I prefer artists like David Messina and Jo Chen who REALLY make their drawings look like the actors.
I'd like to see a full comic drawn by Jo Chen, because while her covers are amazing, I'm not sure she could pull that off on interiors, or make it work for action scenes. Jeanty's not my favourite ever artist (I think only a few times has he made me really stop and linger over a page like some artists can), but his work is solid and never confusing to follow.
Fun interview. I'll admit, I like Jeanty's art well enough, but hyper-realism is not how I'd describe it.

Since Season Eight's stated intent was to wrap up Buffy's story and give the events of the TV show a firm, canonical conclusion, last year's announcement of Season Nine took fans by surprise.

What? I'm pretty sure the TV show had a firm canonical conclusion. Season Eight's stated intent was about continuing the story in a way that connected Buffy's timeline to Fray's -- and I don't recall anything about its purpose being one of finality.

"Doug Petrie wrote an episode called 'Fool For Love' that was Spike's back-story. Holy crap that's good stuff!" said Espenson as Jeanty perked up.

"Oh yeah!" the artist laughed. "Is that the one where he says -- "

"I may be love's bitch, but at least I admit it!" the two recited in perfect unison.

I hope they meant to say Lovers Walk as written by Dan Vebber (with a heap of Joss editing) or that the memorable quote was, "Every Slayer has a death wish."
"Never questioned her as a leader." you remember Empty Places, Jane? lol.
Loved the interview.
Yeah, it seems odd to me that they both misquoted the line in the same way while both associating it with the wrong episode. I'm thinking there must have been some artistic license taken by the writer here.
Also, Buffy wasn't cancelled. They ended the show.
Not a big deal, I guess, but there is a difference.
Can I start getting exciting yet? Is it August the first s9 is due?
August 31 sees the release of Angel and Fatih #1. Buffy Season 9 #1 is expected September 14. Not sure why they are starting Angel's series before Buffy's.
Maybe it sets up the overall plot arc, introduced the big bad and so on?
Isn't that 8-pages Spike online story up starting with August first?
I don't know, Simon. Not everyone is going to read Angel and Faith so it shouldn't contain special information that's relevant to the Buffy series, at least not off the bat.
A&F launches first - so that people buy it at all after the "long wait". I think it is good marketing to launch the less popular series first after a break.
I don't think the two series are going to be so closely connected that the #1 of A-F is going to set up season 9. I think Norwie is on to something, or maybe they just flipped a coin about which issue should go first.

The interview is riddled with small errors. I wouldn't trust the interviewer to have gotten anything right about what Jane or Georges said.

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