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June 07 2011

Trailer for the second episode of Franklin and Bash. It's Reed Diamond (Mr. Dominic)'s new show on TNT.

Reviews I've seen for the show are slightly polarizing. Here are some of them

If you're interested in watching the pilot ep, iTunes has 'em.

Is the pilot any good?
For me, as far as pilots go, it's a bit meh. They try to cram in as many character-related things as to why you should root for Franklin and Bash despite their juvenile tendencies and asshole-y-ness. It's a light, summer-y fare, but they had too many things going on.

Also, I think this show is something that should be judged (personally) by the viewer. I feel like I'm not the target audience of the show, because I found a several things offensive (e.g the objectification of women... they normally fly over my head so when I notice these things, I immediately know that there's something wrong).

There were nice moments, though. And I liked those nice moments.

I see the potential for it to be an enjoyable show-- as long as they lay off with the immature jokes.

I don't know what to say about the pilot. I saw other people's reactions and I felt like I watched a different show with the same name.

Also, as a Reed Diamond stan, I feel compelled to say that the show needs more Reed Diamond. And Malcolm McDowell.

Erm. Sorry for the essay.

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Thought it was OK though all the criticisms csi_spy levels are fair IMO - it had some objectifying scenes (though at least one wasn't totally gratuitous, serving both a purpose in their case and metatextually to highlight just what Mavericks Who Get Results™ the heroes are), it had juvenile moments, it tried to do too much in 43 minutes (needed about an hour IMO) and Captain Exposition paid the pilot several visits.

That said, it had some funny moments IMO, the leads have good chemistry together and are just enough of an odd couple to be believable best friends, there were also a couple of parts for women that didn't solely revolve around them being teh hawtzor and there's some room for the main characters to grow (it could even turn out to be largely about them going from juvenile college buddies to grown-ups without losing their souls in the process. Not necessarily holding my breath but you never know). Also, Malcolm McDowell. Good enough to watch episode 2 IMO.

ETA: That's a lot of IMOs. I reckon.

[ edited by Saje on 2011-06-07 14:59 ]
I agree with the chemistry of the leads. Very believable... the entire cast gel very well together, actually. And I think that's going to be one of the strengths of the show in the long run.

Also, first season's only 10 eps, with Tricia Helfer, Jason Alexander, James Van der Beek and Tom Arnold as guest stars in upcoming eps.
Its not baaad but it is quite annoying at times. I can see the frat boy, 'quirky', 'buck-the-system' personalities of the gang getting tiresome very quickly.

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