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June 07 2011

Chris Evans 'geeked out' at seeing Avengers cast in costume. talk with Chris Evans about life off the set in Albuquerque and they ask him if all of the world's mightiest heroes have filmed together yet. The interview is in text and video form.

I love this bit "There's a lot of camaraderie. We hang out together, we spend time together." because how could it be a Joss set if everyone didn't get along together. Do you think they have Shakespeare readings too?

They're having a sing-along, and Joss is pitching his "Avengers" musical right now.
Thanks! A couple nice Mark Ruffalo (@Mruff221) tweets yesterday: "Avengers is going really well. We are having fun. Its going to kick ass." And "Joss W Rocks that shibby. I am very impressed by him and his direction."
I'm so happy that it is going well and it sounds like people are having fun. Now my big question is: will they all show up at Comic Con (and why can't I be there?)?
Makes me wonder if they'll be pitching for an Avengers 2.
I love reading that the actors are impressed with Joss. I mean, we have known how amazing he is for years, and even though I almost don't want to share him, I am so happy he is finally getting some mainstream success. No other person could possibly deserve it more! It's like watching your baby grow up and become successful.

Wow. That sounded creepier than I meant. Hopefully, you guys will get the point I am trying to make far better than I articulated (I blame the three hours of sleep I had and the fact that I am working on my first cup of coffee).
Those few, those Jossing few, the band of 'vengers...
I like to hear people talking about what a happy workplace a Joss set is.
I like to hear people talking about what a happy workplace a Joss set is.

Then again, they are in the middle of filming, for a director with writer's control who is known to kill off beloved characters at almost anytime. I'd want to see a few more videos to be certain they aren't concealing fear, when talking about what a wonderful human being that Mr Whedon is.
This makes me feel all warm and tingly. Love hearing newcomers who are impressed with Joss and his process. They're a team. :)
I'm sure it's a dark conspiracy and they all live in fear of the wrath of Joss. How could anyone possibly believe in a happy set? A bunch of BS. Of course all those egos are clashing horribly and Joss has threatened to kill off the first public whiner.

Or you know, the other thing.
Something tells me that Mr. OneTeV was kidding.
Something tells me that too (it's OneTeV's post ;).

(not casting aspersions though, text can be ambiguous, different time-zones mean some of us are knackered/drunk/pre-caffeine when others are bright-eyed and bushy tailed etc.)

Now my big question is: will they all show up at Comic Con (and why can't I be there?)?

Probably and... you're defending the Earth from an alien invasion ?

(unless they can't get away due to filming maybe ? It's a good place to drum up buzz though and clearly next year's ComicCon will be too late)
New slogan for Albuquerque: We Bring People* Together

*And Whatever Thor Is
Sorry, I guess my tongue was a little too firmly in cheek. I don't think I have *ever* read an article where the cast doesn't mention his sets are professional, but still a (relatively) relaxed atmosphere. Hence the humor: "if everyone speaks well of you, you are doing something wrong."

Maybe I should have mentioned that Mr Whedon also wears a jacket of C4 (ala Dennis Hopper's character in Speed) to interviews, in order to get the most favorable questions.
I totally thought it was Semtex (hard to tell on camera).

New slogan for Albuquerque: We Bring People* Together

"New Mexico: The Vengeance State"
I would geek out too if I walked into the room and they were all standing there in costume. Looking forward to the film!
I hope they don't have any problems filming due to fires. The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning for the Albuquerque area (conditions are ideal for a fire starting).

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