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June 07 2011

From Vampire to Theology Prof, Mr. Trick I Hardly Knew You. K. Todd Freeman, BtVS's Mr. Trick, plays a hyper-articulate, gay, theology professor whose partner's father, a disenchanted, retired longshoreman and former communist activist is planning to commit suicide in Tony Kushner's "The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism etc" currently onstage in New York.

For those interested in seeing him in action, video link to scenes from the play. Freeman comes in at 3:14.

Best. Title. EVER! (for a play)
Always nice to see Freeman. I see his diction is still firmly in place!
I forgot to mention that the play is insanely funny. Kushner shares with Joss the ability to write incredibly funny dialogue about the most painful of things. But yeah that whole speech of Freeman's is quite a mouthful.

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