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"I think my bad guys are better than her bad guys."
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June 07 2011

In the hot seat with Neil Patrick Harris. He chats to Time Out New York about Broadway, Dr Horrible, the Muppets and the Smurfs.

Wow, I love that he mentions Sleep No More! My boyfriend spotted him in the show's entry bar when we were there (visiting from Boston just to see the show -- it's THAT good) last month.

If you're anywhere near New York, don't miss this! Punchdrunk, the UK company that created Sleep No More, has been doing site-specific theater for 10 years, and this is their very first New York production (and only their second in the States, after Sleep No More's Boston run last year). Go at least twice, and wear comfortable shoes!
I thought this was interesting:

So would you have any interest in putting together a kidsí show?
Eventually. I actually have things in the works in that department.

What can you tell me?
I canít tell you much because itís super early in the works and I wouldnít want to accidentally give someone good ideas. But I think that there are certain kidsí genres that need to be revitalized, and now that I have kids myself, Iím interested in doing that. So weíll see. Iím slowly getting my Rolodex full of people I admire and can pull favors from.

Kukla, Neil and Ollie? Neil and Lamb Chop? Howdy Neilie?

I would really like some Evil Puppetry, but I look forward to seeing whatever he comes up with...

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