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January 09 2004

"Double Cross"- part one of the new Buffy ecomic. Ever wondered what happened right after Buffy and Angel split up on Graduation Day? Well find out in this Doug Petrie penned story.

Can that monster look more like Giger's Alien? Such a "homage" - *grin*
Thank you Simon. I love the Buffy e-comics!
I didn't think there was as much to this first installment as usual. How many parts will this be? Cause instead of feeling like I'm halfway thru a 2-part story, I felt like I'd just seen the teaser...anyway, looking forward to the next piece.
Just go to and get the comics...They are really enjoyable...
I've read it before but I think I read it in a TPB but for the life of me I can't remember which one it was.
Giger's alien grows wings and masquerades as Tori Amos/Gorton's Fisherman in order to eat our hero/heroine. Precious.

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