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June 08 2011

(SPOILER) Angel & Faith #1: The Artistic Process. A Dark Horse exclusive brought to you by Newsarama. Contains the initial rough sketch, pencils, inks, colored page, and final page with text of a page of the book. Also, the script for that page.

Fascinating to see the transformation over six pages. Gosh, I'm really looking forward to Angel & Faith.
So am I.I really love the art.
Welp. That dashed at least one of my hopes. I knew I shouldn't have spent all that time thinking about the awesome possibilities that this series would have if Angel had turned human.

Gotta concentrate on the good here. Art's still awesome. Art. Art. Awesome art.
Looks good so far, although after Season 8 I am so tired of tentacled or vagina-esque monsters!
The artwork is really nice and I too love seeing the process. Not sure how I feel about this shared storyline for just Angel and Faith but, we'll see.
Looks fantastic. I've wanted to see Angel and Faith together (not in a sex way) forever, and always wished she could've been brought on for Angel S5 instead of Spike. I know there are all sorts of reasons that never would have happened, but--at that point in the history of the two shows, I thought she made more sense on Angel-the-show than Spike did.

Just my opinion obviously. But it makes me really happy to see her and Angel paired up finally. And this page not only has awesome art, but makes me excited for where the story's going. Can't wait for more.
So...I'm wondering if that's supposed to be the Lovecraft monster from Safe, who I guess survived and is now feeding off the doubt (or whatever) of this 'Hannah' person?

"I don't want there to be tentacles. I'm not good with squishy." - Molly, Dirty Girls
Looks like Angel's owning his actions... in a very dark way.
I think I might actually be buying this. :) Angel + Faith = great character chemistry. Two people chasing redemption together is better than one.

VERY nice art. I'm envious. (Kinda confused by the "SKREE" though...)
Brierly: Looks good so far, although after Season 8 I am so tired of tentacled or vagina-esque monsters!

I know this means I should change my screen-name to Deeply Irrelevant, but this made me want to start a site called "VAGINAesque".

(As you were...)
Great stuff.
erendis, I completely agree! She would have been much better at replacing Cordy and has that dark/not-so-dark edge that ocmplimented the show. Actually I just kinda wish they kept her on from season 1 onwards. I wonder how she would have dealt with Conner not being in the group in season 5 if they had brought her back?

But yes, on topic. QuoterGal, not irrelevant. Really, I'd sign up for that(no I wouldn't, just being supportive).

I liked the reference to Giles as Angel's master. It looks great and I'm most definitely psyched for this. Can't wait!
That art is really good.
Giles as "mage" made me remember "No place like home", the grand opening of The Magic Box, Buffy enters and here's Giles, smiling, waiting for the customers to come in, wearing a pointy hat and a purple robe with stars.
Looks really good.
What's always bugged me with how they used Faith in the past, is that she shows up, makes a HUGE impact....and then she's gone. That's how it's always been. Angel season 4 set things up so beautifully to have her as a regular....and she heads over to Buffy. Sigh. However, once there, she makes a huge impact again. She manages to get ALL the potentials AND the Scoobies to back her over Buffy....and then they throw that story away in one episode when they walk into a trap and we get some nonsense about how the potentials are sorry they turned on Buffy because Faith sucked as a leader. This really annoyed me because Buffy did THE EXACT SAME THING when she was in charge. Did the potentials have memory loss about the WORSE and more OBVIOUS trap that Buffy led them into earlier that season?

They could have at least had two or three episodes with Faith in charge just to see how leadership affected her and how being on the outs with her friends and "soldiers" affected Buffy. Instead, one episode later Buffy is back in the fold and back in charge and Faith just fades into the background. Season 8, big huge impact made by Faith again as Giles leaves Buffy to go work with Faith and this after a big showdown between Faith and Buffy where Faith nearly kills her. And what happens after that? Once again, she just sort of fades into the background for the rest of the season

So YES, I am THRILLED to see my favorite slayer(sorry Buffy)getting the spotlight for once. I was always captivated by Faith(and by Eliza Dushku). She has this incredible, undeniable charisma that has an effect on every person she interacts with. She deserves some stories of her own.

I think her relationship with Angel will be somewhat like the one he had with Cordy, except Faith just has a darker and edgier quality to her than happy, go lucky Cordy. What's interesting, is that she is still somewhat broken herself. Angel will lean on her heavily, but there are going to be moments of weakness for her where Angel will have to motiivate her. This is what Angel has never had, a partner in redemption and that's a fascinating story that I can't wait to see
Itís great to get to see the process to appreciate how much work goes into every single page. I just always when I get to see both the pencils and the inked pages go something like... no, stop stealing all that detailed smoothiness, you precision Nazis! But then the colors drop in to just to say hi and the combined result is lovely.

Anyway, this definitely is one more Buffyverse comic to look forward to reading. No preview is needed to tell me that. Though I have a nagging suspicion this thing isnít talking directly to me as a die-hard reader, itís hopefully bringing in new ones.

ĒLooks like Angel's owning his actions... in a very dark way.Ē

Is he, though? Hard to tell from a single page, but I think itís possible heís back to his old shtick of suppressing guilt by pretending not to care about consequence. Itís almost cruel, how heís smart enough to see the machinery working behind his situation, yet not mature enough to make it go in the right direction. I can empathize with him shutting it down in that situation. And I predict he will learn to appreciate having Faith around.

ETA: shutting it down temporarily, I meant to say. A staring-at-wall-hibernate button more like.

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