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June 08 2011

First look at Eliza Dushku on set of White Collar. Eliza Dushku with Matt Bomer on the set of White Collar's 9th episode of season 3.

Also, Good news, Eliza may reprise her role at a later date, Jeff Eastin (creator of White Colalr) said:
"We did it in such a way that if it works out, we could bring [Eliza] back!"

Damn, girl is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.
What about the pilot she filmed?
What about the pilot she filmed?

It didn't get picked up.

Oh Eliza..Va Va Voom!
Which pilot was that?!

And oh my good lord. She is beyond the term "sexy", I think she just reinvented it...
They were very cute together in Tru Calling. Looking forward to this as WC is my 2nd favorite show.
How hot is she? She looks better every single year...

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