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June 08 2011

Eliza Dushku and others talk about "Batman: Year One" animated movie. Eliza Dushku has been cast as Selina Kyle in the new animated Batman movie adapted from the acclaimed classic Frank Miller comic book, and she can here be seen talking about the character and movie. Or so I've been told. ETA: It looks like the video has been removed due to copyright reasons.

Not available in the states either...
Try this one. It works in Canada. Damn! just checked it and it's blocked due to copyright.

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Year One was a kickass book! Props to Eliza for landing a groovy role. Rowrr!!
These 'sneak peeks' usually appear as an extra on the previous animated movie DVD so i'm not surprised it's been pulled. This one'll probably be on the "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights" DVD BTW (the one that Nathan stars in - or Nathan's voice anyway, which still counts in my book).

High hopes for this one, 'Year One' is excellent, some even put it above 'Dark Knight Returns' in the Batman graphic novel stakes. To me it's maybe a bit more 'special' because it's actually in continuity - this is Batman's canonical origin story (or it is now anyway i.e. until DC potentially screws the pooch - and whatever long-time readers they still have - in August by completely resetting their universe. Could be sayonara to comics for me when they do that, we'll see).
This seems like a natural fit for Eliza, but man Catwoman is everywhere now. The next Batman movie, this animated feature and the Batman:Arkham City video game. Coincidence?
It's the Vietnamese year of the Cat. That's simply the only logical explanation.
I would like Eliza to play Catwomen in Nolan's live action film too. She would be great for the part.

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