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June 08 2011

Watch the new Joss Whedon PSA Video for "Equality Now". This video will be shown in the Can't Stop the Serenity screenings in 2011. ETA: The video has now been set to private.

I can't wait for the joyous noise.
that man is so eloquent

lets make some noise!
What is this in my eye all of a sudden. Can't wait until next year. (Which is also the 10th anniversary of Firefly. I sense some potential synergy to exploit here.)
I like joyful noises.

And I downright love my fandom.
Is he out of focus or is it just a fuzzy downscale?
Yay for shindigs!

Off topic: he looks so thin! What happened?
The first rule of flying. Love, love it. I also can't wait.
The One True b!X: What is this in my eye all of a sudden.

I don't know what it is, but it must be in the air in here, because there's something in my eye, too.

That was so very JossTM.

Reminder that this year's L.A. CSTS event, which he and Equality Now & other folks are attending, will be live-streamed on ComiCenter Live.

So you'all can watch Joss watch himself. Which is weird.
This was supposed to be a surprise for the CSTS screenings. It will probably be taken down. And then likely put back up again sometime after the initial group of screenings.

That being said. This video is typical Joss. The level at which this man works/thinks/acts/writes is nothing short of inspiring and amazing. I think I'll find a way to make some noise next year, since he said we should.
Crying now. Also, I haven't done enough. This will change.
Man, that guy. How great is it that he exists? I couldn't even hear all of what he said, but it still hit me hard.

Speaking of not being able to hear it all, what did he actually say when he "quoted" Mal? I gather he was having some fun with "I aim to misbehave," but I couldn't quite make out the words he used. I don't know if that's just the sound quality on my computer, or if he was just very very quiet. Thanks.
He's good people that Joss Whedon fella.

(and talk about inspiring, imagine if he ever used his powers for evil ? Nah, I can't either)

((and the Mal "quote" was "It is my target to have the ill behaviours"))

[ edited by Saje on 2011-06-09 07:19 ]
Thank you kindly, Saje.
XanMan, as far as I can tell (checked it on two computers and two iPhones) the volume does seem unusually low.

In fact, I dunno if it's final and has been sent out or made available to the various CSTS groups yet, but if it's not too late to boost them at the source copy, I'd do it, or at least give a heads-up to everyone to be at the ready to check the sound before they run it at the events...
Didn't know it was supposed to be a surprise. Sorry, if I ruined it.

The weird part is that I literally accidentally stumbled to the video. I was trying to tweak some settings from the Youtube app from my Android cell phone, and boom, it was there. Thought it was supposed to be an old video, until I watched it and saw the upload date of the video and the number of views. It was just shining brightly (yes, pun intended) when I clicked the app.

Guess whoever from Equality now who uploaded it, forgot to set the upload for it to be private, as this setting can be changed afterwards.
Yeah, this isn't supposed to be up yet.
QuoterGal, thanks for the links, I'm thrilled that this year's CSTS (with Joss) will be broadcast live! And yeah, XanMan, I thought it was just me (or my equipment), but Joss should have had better sound on that video (I hope that doesn't mean Avengers will be too quiet... wait, no... maybe that would be an improvement over the loudness of Thor).

I have to say that I'm happy this isn't private (thrilled that I could see it), I think it is thrilling to contemplate the big noise next year, and I think it makes a great advertising for trying to get to your local CSTS THIS year! I found this listing for up-coming events, none in Iowa, but maybe I can get to Chicago.
Yeah, this isn't supposed to be up yet.

That's why the link has been removed for the time being.
It's down now, allegedly.
Oh good, I've put the link back in so us from the future can see in our present when it gets set back to public.
Wibbly wobbly. Future me's gonna wear a jacket just to mess with present me.

(the sound was actually OK throughout for me so i'm now wondering if there's something up with my gear. The alternative is that those latent superpowers i've been wishing for have finally turned up. Which is also possible)
The Elusive Joss Whedon, spokesman of mystery. When you see the PSA, you'll remember why you love the man. And how Saje got that jacket.

[ edited by Pointy on 2011-06-09 15:56 ]
Sigh. Another party I'm not invited to.
Everyone's invited. Just not all at once. Yet.
It's so wrong that I actually understood that sentence. The future us's thank you, Simon. Now all we need to do is set our watches to remind ourselves to check back, because that was a most excellent PSA. Just don't forget to wind them, Dudes.
I expect setting your watch won't be necessary. :)
For those that saw it, lucky you getting a sneak peek! For those that didn't, here's how you can see it sooner rather than later:

1. Go to a Can't Stop the Serenity screening. It's part of a super cool DVD every screening will be receiving to show attendees.

2. Watch the CSTS Los Angeles event LIVE on June 25th. We're working out the details, but we expect to show at least the Joss portion of the DVD during the broadcast.

C. This isn't sooner, but expect it to be made public on the link above around September, when the CSTS season is over.
At the risk of asking a very stupid question, will the link be go back on the main page when our future selves are able to watch it, or do our present selves have to write note: "Future Self, go back in virtual time to the Archives to find the Equality Now link for June that is now public again"?
Future me says the link got posted again several months hence for those that missed it. He also said the Avengers teaser trailer that got shown at Comic Con was awesome.
That is news most excellent. *air guitar*
Oh man. So bummed I missed this. Oh well. I'm kind of jealous of future me right now. I really hate that guy.
Knew I shoulda watched this yesterday! Darn past me. He sucks.

And I think I'm gonna miss my local CSTS. Again. It's always bad timing. Ah well. Guess I'll see the video eventually.
I just came here to post the same thing guidedby. Crap.
Anyone whose past self was lucky enough to see it want to give a quick recap to all us late-to-the-party present dopes?
I think probably the argument at this point is to not do that, actually. I get that kind of sucks for those who didn't catch it, but...
Future me says it was awesome and there were puppies. I haven't seen it so I don't know if she's lying. No one's late to the party, it just hasn't happened yet.
Dang it. I should've watched when I had the chance.
I'm very excited that lots of you got to see a sneak peek of the video... or at least part of it! The rest is just as awesome, with some Big Damn Heroes stepping up to the plate to support CSTS and Equality Now.

If you can make it to a CSTS event, I really recommend it. It's awesome fun and an awesome fundraiser.

If you can't, there's still time to organise one! It doesn't need to be a full blown screening, as there are lots of options this year for running affiliate events - which is pretty much anything you can think of. Events can be run all the way through to September, so there's lots of time to pull something fun together. This year, we've even got one fantastic group in Beeston, UK who are holding an Affiliate event as part of their wedding, using the after-party as an excuse to celebrate and support CSTS and EN! You can get all the info at

Also, I'm reliably informed (thanks Doctor!) that the 2011 events went really well, raised well over our target of $150,000 and that the video was full blown awesome. And that I had a great time at the Melbourne event in August (which launches tonight!!!) :D

And for those who want a recap...
Joss took time out of filming The Avengers, and stood in front of lots of shiny equipment. He said wonderful, moving, witty, hilarious and inspiring things, challenging folks watching to do more, and to make a big noise. And me made me wish CSTS was right here right now.

[ edited by JenskiJen on 2011-06-09 21:47 ]
Wonderful, moving, witty, hilarious, inspiring, shiny, yep, that's about the gist of it.

Future me says it was awesome and there were puppies. I haven't seen it so I don't know if she's lying. No one's late to the party, it just hasn't happened yet.

But I brought dip !

And Future Sunfire is at least half not lying so you can at least half trust her (unlike future me - what is he wearing ? Still, confirmation that even in the future, horizontal stripes aren't flattering. Good intel that).
So... wait... there is going to be *more*?

Also, future me says that DrHSAB2 was awesome. And that John Barrowman killed as Johnny Snow.
More as in there's a larger, more diverse intro video like there was last year.
You know, the more I think about this the more I disagree with the decision (and I know I have no standing and my objections are just my own personal objections) to make this 'private':
Joss was talking about the importance of Equality Now and how he wants to do a lot more to promote it and raise money for it next year (in 2012). I assume that the decision to make this message 'private' is to offer something exclusive and exciting at CSTS, but if the goal is to remind people of the importance of Equality Now then suppressing the video does nothing to further that goal.

Shouldn't it really be about Equality Now? Shouldn't the video (at least Joss' portion of it) be available online along with a link to remind everyone that they don't have to wait, they can support Equality NOW.

[ edited by embers on 2011-06-10 00:24 ]
I don't think they're suppressing it. They're just not showing it yet. And it might be for more than just for CSTS but also because there are other things they want to announce to go along with it and it's a matter of timing.
The point is it was not supposed to be posted at all until September, after it had been seen at all the CSTS events. It's simply now been made private instead of outright deleting it and re-uploading it in September. It has nothing to do with suppression, it has to do with correcting the initial error of posting it three months early.

Again, it was always intended to be for CSTS events first, then public later. That's the same as Joss' prior introduction. It's not something that got posted and then CSTS went "hey, wait, take that down and let us use it first". It was always for CSTS events first.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2011-06-10 00:52 ]
Seems like it would have been a better advertising opportunity for the events if it had stayed up once it was accidentally posted early. But that's between CSTS and Equality Now. I don't see a problem with keeping the video private as originally intended until this year's attendees have seen it, either.
I think certain parties are now kind of hoping that word of its existence is the advertising opportunity. "Want to see that thing you've heard about? Find your local CSTS screening." Et cetera. YMMV.
I think embers makes a fair point. For a message about the essential need for seeking equality now, it's funny to have that message released and then pulled back. Yes, it's an accident, but there's an inherent contradiction in the message's activism goal and the PR action of promoting exclusivity for smaller release at a later date.

But then one of the primary purposes of this message is to thank the Browncoats who've raised half a million dollars for Equality Now and to inspire this group to continue giving for this cause. It's clearly a targeted message for a specific audience so it makes sense to save that message for them.

[ edited by Emmie on 2011-06-10 03:07 ]
Thank you Emmie, your point is well taken. Clearly one of Joss' main points is to thank the Browncoats for their efforts for all these years, and it is very true: the organizers of CSTS deserve a great deal of credit and thanks from all of us for their hard work and dedication.
As mentioned above, it's a matter of timing, not suppression. You will certainly be able to see it - especially if you tune into the livestream of CSTS Los Angeles, where Joss will introduce it personally. :)
The timing is actually the point of critique, though. Embers and I were pointing out the irony of the message "we need quality now" being delayed because now is not the right time.
It's a pretty vacant critique, however. It works as a fun-poking joke. As a critique it mostly just comes across (to me, anyway) like sour grapes that people missed the mistaken posting.

Is anyone here confused about the message of equality? All the discussion of the video and the fact that it wasn't supposed to be up yet themselves are drawing attention to the cause. So, I really am confused at the claimed critique.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2011-06-10 05:00 ]
B!X, I think I made it clear I understood and generally supported the decision to save the vid for later in my comments above because the thrust of the message was targetted to a specific audience. But since you seem inclined to dismiss, I'm inclined to reiterate and emphasize my critique. (And in case you didn't notice from my earlier comments, I saw the video, several times, so if you're reading me as whining because of sour grapes, then that's nothing to do with me, if you catch my drift.)

It's not vacant to point out that there's an inherent contradiction between the practical application of the call to activism being delayed and the emphatic philosophical stance that we need equality now without delay. If one were truly treating equality as needed now, then any and all messages could not afford the wait. Noting the tension between the espoused philosophy and the practical reality is acknowleding that our world works in less than perfect ways -- that philanthropic organizations feel they must couch and frame such essential arguments as deliverable only at the "right" time (see: not now, but later) in order for them to motivate and inspire the privileged to action runs counter to the emotional power and philosophical spirit of their mission statement.

Instead of needing equality now, it's more like what Joss said: we need equality kinda now. There's a world of difference between the two. Noting this difference isn't vacant. I'd rather not pretend it doesn't exist; ignoring it makes it harder to overcome.

We don't need equality tomorrow, next week, or next month. We need it now. That's the message -- and the PR action here unfortunately undercuts this philosophy in a visible way. Mysterious buzz of an exclusive private message is not equality, it's privilege. What's more, the suggestion that an exclusive buzz will profit the movement frames seeking equality as a privileged act when it is a basic necessity of human existence. There is a long history of the privileged being approached at the "right" time to help those in need, to help those later who need help now -- this is what Equality Now is fighting to change, but fighting a battle against privilege by perpetuating privilege is problematic and counterproductive.

It's tragic to me that even a call for action now must be delayed in order to achieve its greatest success. Our world isn't perfect and while some of us possess enough privilege that we can afford to wait, sadly there are many who cannot. Even as I understand Equality Now's practical compromise as necessary to negotiate within privileged power structures to benefit those in need, my greatest sympathies lie with the people who need equality now.

[ edited by Emmie on 2011-06-10 06:39 ]
Where is this mysterious buzz?

Mysterious buzz of an exclusive private message is not equality, it's privilege.

It's a cockup.

I've seen too many fan attempts fall flat on their face due to poor timing.I would imagine that this message is part of an overall fan strategy to rally the troops and then get wider attention. To release it now and let it be standalone may more than likely achieve very little in the long run.
As yet, it's hypothetical. I was arguing against the suggestion that buzz based on exclusivity would be beneficial.

Fan attempts for what? Charity? I think that's just called human attempts now. ;-)
Is a thank you now classed as "exclusivity"?
It's more the "keeping it back until it's shown at the CSTS screenings in September" that's classed as 'exclusivity' i'd imagine.

I kinda get the point but I don't think it's got too much merit personally - the video wasn't intended to be seen (by anyone) yet, it accidentally got out, now they've fixed the accident. If a film/book/record promoting "Equality Now" but with a Halloween theme was accidentally leaked in July then removed because no-one was meant to see it until October it doesn't seem to be about exclusivity to me, just timing.

Would more people be inspired and so do good in the intervening time ? Maybe, maybe not (it's hard to know who might attend CSTS events that wouldn't see the video for some reason and arguably a single big splash creates more ripples), either way it's been removed with pure intentions, it's a directed thank-you message with broader appeal (which everyone is going to get to see in 2-3 months anyway). No biggie.
To clarify, Simon, it being more than a thank you is why I pursued this line of discussion as it also contains an impassioned call for action both now and in the coming months. This isn't just about thanking Browncoats, the message is also directed to a broader audience (via the internet).

From what I can tell, this isn't a fan mistake. The upload was done by Equality Now. It's on the same account as Meryl Streep's PSAs for the organization, is listed as a nonprofit, and includes a link to

This is a great organization that I've supported for years now. That doesn't mean it's not important to discuss how the battle for equality is problematized by mistaken actions that promote a perception of privatization and delay a sense of urgency.

And respectfully, Saje, critical thought about how our privilege problematizes our pursuit for equality is never without merit. Dismissing the opportunity to check and reconsider our privilege merely reinforces our privilege -- that goes against the spirit of needing equality now. Raising awareness is the goal with this message; critical thought is where activism begins.

[ edited by Emmie on 2011-06-10 07:42 ]
There's no way to be specific about this without discussing the video in detail, but the argument that pulling the video back after posting it in error somehow negates some sort of urgent call presented in it is, in fact, simply untrue.

That is partly why I say this is a vacant argument. Those who saw it understand. Those who didn't are just going to have to see for themselves when the time comes. No urgency is lost by sticking to the original release plan because it is not a message of immediate urgency.

And, frankly, and speaking solely for myself, to suggest that Equality Now would somehow subvert a sense of urgency... well, I find it difficult not to find that insulting, if not offensive.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2011-06-10 07:53 ]
B!X -- you're so entirely misreading me that I'm beginning to wonder if we're speaking the same language.

Critical discussion of how actions may mistakenly promote the exact opposite of an organization's express purpose is not an attack. That you're framing my intellectual critique and examination as an attack is a gross miscalculation. This isn't a fight, I'm not attacking EN. Further, it's self-evident that examining how to check privilege is necessary to promoting equality; raising awareness and encouraging critical thought is not the enemy of activism.

Again, I'll reiterate that a mistake was made, I understand and support EN's response, however, it's worth noting and discussing how there are consequences from this mistake that ironically promote a perception opposite of the organization's goal true goal and that in the case of philanthropy framed upon an urgency for now, it reaches a level of painful irony and carries the potential for tragedy considering the content of the message.

The aid directed towards helping oppressed women throughout the world today isn't something you want to wait for the "right" time. There's a reason the slogan says now. There are women who can be aided in their suffering now (sex trafficking and genital mutiliation) and it's tragic to me to think people aren't going to be asked to help until later.

I hope others also felt moved to donate money to the cause if they had the privilege of viewing this message last night. I was moved by both Joss' message and the joint contributions of everyone up to this point.

[ edited by Emmie on 2011-06-10 08:23 ]
it also contains an impassioned call for action both now and in the coming months

It is an impassioned call and it contains some of the best stuff Joss has ever said but it's an impassioned call which seems to be part of a wider plan. And from what I can see this plan isn't in place yet. It's like releasing a official campaign video when the candidate hasn't even said they are running. There doesn't seem to be any mechanisms up and running to support what Joss is talking about for next year.

There is some short term gain from this video being released now but ultimately I think it will be more effective for Equality Now several months down the line.
Yeah, given that he specifically mentions making a noise etc. timing could be important.

("Let's make a noise !" *crickets... months pass... slightly bemused "noise"*)

And respectfully, Saje, critical thought about how our privilege problematizes our pursuit for equality is never without merit.

I don't mean critical thought when I say "I don't think it's got too much merit" Emmie (being rationally sceptical of/examining pretty much everything is fine with me, if you have the energy for it, though I also think sometimes a cigar is just a cigar) I mean the specific point that not releasing the video now is going to have an actual quantifiable deleterious effect on the goal Equality Now is pursuing (I don't think it will).

It is slightly ironic (given the org's name etc.) but in the "Oh, that's a bit ironic *continues with day*" sense, not in the "Ha, those hypocrites say we need equality NOW and yet they save their big guns until later, we should never support them or their goals ever again !" sort of way.
Not having seen the video, and not knowing anything about Equality Now's strategies, isn't it possible that a) Joss Whedon has other speeches supporting Equality Now already available online and b) Equality now has videos of other people going up between now and September and wants to keep momentum going, rather than having everybody say "Now" all at once and then not have other speakers left to say "Now" later, when otherwise there would be one big noise and then silence? I truly don't know, just asking/surmising here. In any event, it's hardly a secret that Joss Whedon supports Equality Now. Are a *lot* of people thinking, "I know he supports it, and I support it in theory, but I refuse to demonstrate *my* support until I hear this particular speech"?
I swallowed a bug.
isn't it possible that a)Joss Whedon has other speeches supporting Equality Now already available online

Like this!
Saje:: but in the "Oh, that's a bit ironic *continues with day*" sense, not in the "Ha, those hypocrites say we need equality NOW and yet they save their big guns until later, we should never support them or their goals ever again !" sort of way.

Wot he said.

Oh, and I swallowed a bug, too, gossi. Must be going around. It made my eyes roll back in my head. I hope they don't get stuck that way.

Say, we could take all this energy and maybe start a charity or effort to link the 'Verse with Equality Now, and raise some money for them and work on that right now!

What, you say we're in the midst of doing that at this exact moment, and there's room for all? That's amazing!

I wonder where I could sign up to help.

ETF: fun with vowels.

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