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June 09 2011

Alternate lineup features Whedonverse characters. In the midst of a 9-game losing streak, a baseball blog dedicated to the Oakland Athletics proposes a new lineup, which happens to feature a couple of our favorite characters.

Lol, omg, the Charmed Ones.
Heh, kind of out of left-field (*bazzinga* ! ;) but cool mentions.

Voted for Veronica Mars BTW, despite not having any idea what a backup utility infielder actually does just because V by herself is pretty formidable but V with Backup (which is totally what it means even though it isn't) ? Unstoppable.
Ha, I voted for V Mars too Saje!

Also, I don't think even our beloved Buffster can halt the A's slide....especially going up against my White Sox tonight (esp with Mark Buehrle on the mound)
VM gets my vote too. And Keith Mars can manage the team. I think a utility infielder sort of a jack of all infield trades (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Shortstop) but a master of none. Then again an actual baseball person would be able to provide the actual answer.

Or Google.
Hee! Buffy as shortstop.
batmarlow, you hit it on the nose, utility infielder is the correct terminology.

And as predicted (by me), the A's slide continues, the White Sox won yesterday (9 to 4). Go Sox!
When they did it with football, call me...

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