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January 09 2004

(SPOILER) Is there Life After Buffy? Filling the hole left by Buffy (contains a spoiler for the 100th Angel episode).

"For many, a gaping hole opened during the final episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the fall television season has been all about finding that elusive cocktail of shows to fill it."

Are those comments about Angel in February spoilers or just speculation?
A spoiler I'm afraid, apologies to any unspoiled people who read this article.
Spoilers aside, the article rings true. To me at least. Alias has filled that gaping-BtVS-hole left after its demise. If you havent checked Alias out yet, I recommend you hurry up. Thanks for the article!
This is the first time I heard Willow was going to be on during sweeps. The comments about The O.C. having xerox copies of Buffy characters is dead on. It definitely got me over my Buffy withdrawal last summer.
Omigod...I've been self-medicating with the Angel-Alias-The O.C. combo for months now. Sad to see I'm so damn predictable...
...the perfect Buffy Hangover Helper: mix one episode of the new yet only slightly improved Angel, an episode of Alias and as many episodes of The O.C. as will fit in your container. Shake until fizzy, then gulp and grin. None of these shows can match Buffy's grandeur, but taken together, they provide enough familiar elements to fill the void.

Nice -- this article plus the new Angel trailer has put me in a nice mood for the return of the season's TV shows.
Mea culpa. Sorry about the lack of spoiler warning when I added this. That's what I get for being so excited about my first story post. (Slinks off in major embarrassment)
Ah no worries, tis a very enjoyable read. Looking forward to watching The O.C. whenever it lands on our shores.
I still can't care about Alias, but Angel, The O.C., and Joan of Arcadia have helped fill the Buffy void for me.

But there's no one like the Buffster.
Yeah, I've also been doing the Alias-Angel-O.C.-Six Feet Under-Gilmore Girls cocktail to avoid DTs and other withdrawal symptoms. It usually works, except those nights I wake up in a cold sweat and think that I need to run out of my house cause the whole town is about to be sucked into a Hellmouth. Then when I bang on my neighbor's doors and yell "The Turok-Han are coming!! The Turok-Han are coming!!" they just look at me funny. But really, this only happens once or twice a week.
I confess to having taken up the crack that is the Sunnydale Socks to get me through Life After Buffy.
My grim medicine consists of collecting Buffy and Angel novels, buying the scriptbooks. I will probably end up buying the comics and even the roleplaying game. Oh, don't forget fanfic. That, and a lot of rocking back and forth praying to Joss for another spinoff. Consuming the Firefly DVDs in two days was a one time shot in the arm for my addiction.
"Sarah Michelle Gellar is too busy pursuing films even SNL alumni wouldn't be caught undead in."


Sarah's pulling a David Caruso, but at a less steep decline.
I guess I must be alone in watching Gilmore Girls in Buffy's old time slot.
I know I'll probably get accused of "defending SMG" again but I really don't think it's fair to compare her to David Caruso who after one season thought he was a huge star and was too good for TV. Then his movie career fizzled big time. SMG put seven years in. Most shows don't even last more than a few. And whether or not you like her movie choices she is in some where he had, I think, one which was a major flop.
alias and the oc to fill the buffy void...? some people's voids are too easily filled i guess. hmm, that's more than what i meant, eww. angel's not doing it for me either, despite the spike factor. personally i can only take comfort in the dvds and reruns. ohhh and the gorgeous new buffy dollies coming out in march. uhm, i mean "action figures". i might even try reading a buffy novel, altho' i'm suspicious, in advance, of their quality...

i'm watching gilmore girls as always, but it never aired during buffy where i live so it's not a literal scheduling replacement for me. now on tuesday evenings i take brazilian street fighting classes. you know, just in case a vampire sneaks up on me one day.
Dead Like Me, The O.C., Angel, Smallville... those seems to be doing it for me, even though there is still a large gaping hole there...
Nothing has filled the void for me.

I get a small modicum of viewing enjoyment from the HBO shows, but there is nothing that comes even remotely close to the stunning greatness that was OUR show.

I do watch Angel of course, and I will never miss a single episode, but its just not BtVS. (I know, its not supposed to be) With all the praise and accolades Buffy has gotten from us fans over the years, it was easy to overlook that it is, in fact, an aberration. A "freak of nature" as Cordy would say. How disappointing it is to be smacked in the head with the fact that there is really absolutely NOTHING on tv to take it's place. I know I was so busy enjoying and participating in the show love that I really didn't stop to think about what was gonna happen when it went off.

It's been more than a year since I've seen Becoming, but I put in the dvd the other day. I must've seen those eps about a hundred times, yet I was impressed all over again by the sheer artistry of the storytelling. I was so sucked in!

I guess there's always the hope that something will come along that will just knock my socks off. Some show that will rise, like cream, above the dreck and make me gasp, laugh out loud, and bawl like a baby all in one episode. One other good thing? I know all of you will be right there with me.

I wonder how long we'll have to wait.

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