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June 10 2011

Whedonesque nominated for 'Best Website' in the 2011 Portal Awards. Summer Glau got nominated for Best Actress/Television, Morena Baccarin for Best Supporting Actress/Television and Chris Hemsworth Best Actor/Film. Voting will begin on June 25th.

Well, congratulations on the nomination, peeps. :)
Yay, congrats to the Wh'esque (my first thought was "This isn't a portal, it's a BLOG!" then I actually clicked the link/remembered what the Portal Awards are).

Otherwise, 'Tron: Legacy' for Best Movie ?? Were the pickings really that slim ? And also, world ? Convince me you have justice within, let "The Doctor's Wife" win. You know it makes sense.
I heart Maisie Williams in Game of Thrones.

Congrats to Whedonesque and everyone else. It's a very solid list!
Saje, I was thinking Orange Box but never watched The Doctors Wife.

And a BIG congrats to Caroline, Simon, Zeit and the rest of the special golden giants (sorry for leaving people out, my brain isn't working yet today) for the nomination! Your efforts make this a great place to visit regularly. The Black is a good place to be!
The cake is a lie ! ;)

(those other eps are pretty decent too - well, not seen the 'Fringe' one - but to me "The Doctor's Wife" was really excellent. Funny, creepy, moving, resonant and with plenty of running down corridors ;)
In what universe is Joshua Jackson the actor and John Noble the supporting actor?
Neat and petite./Lurch of the Addams family

Whedonesque and "The Doctor's Wife" both deserveth the win.

Congrats to our orangey-ones. And Ms. Caroline especially.
Congrats to the mods.

Great, the first time I can disagree with Saje, cause, A Good Man Goes to War is way better.
Wait, it's not indicate...
Y'know, I think i'd still go with "The Doctor's Wife" Brasilian Chaos Man, even if "A Good Man Goes to War" was nominated, much as I enjoyed it (not going into *spoilery* details as to why American chums, don't worry ;). 'Wife' just landed pretty much everything it felt like it was trying to do more solidly IMO, by its more standalone nature it felt more complete, more perfectly formed. And among its many great lines it has a single one which captures Who in a nutshell (albeit one that's 1, 2, 3, altogether now... bigger on the inside ;), when they're in the "junk"yard and The Doctor says "It's not impossible, as long as we're alive...". That's it right there for me, that's the show. Hope, even in the face of the end of all things.

(and since I don't think Neil Gaiman's written a 'Doctor Who' short story, or at least not one he's given away as a Christmas present, here's one by Paul Cornell that treads similar turf)
Congratulations to Whedonesque!

It was almost going to be a clean sweep for Game of Thrones from me, but yes, The Doctor's Wife was superb and certainly gets my vote. I think that GoT, as a series, has been jaw-droppingly marvellous, but it's hard to rate any individual episode as being "the best". Whereas The Doctors Wife, IMHO, was not only the best episode of Doctor Who this year, but the best of the Moffat era.
Congratulations to Whedonesque and the moderators! Everybody sing: "For it's a jolly good website, for it's a jolly good website, for it's a jolly good website, which nobody can deny ..."
Wow, congrats to another nod, Whedonesque. Yesterday SFX winner, tomorrow ... the world.

Jane Badler, really? It was nice to see her but she was in a few homage episodes. Morena was present in the entire series.

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