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June 10 2011

Andrew's brother to pen Daredevil script. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Brad Caleb Kane (Buffy's Tucker Wells) has been hired to write the Daredevil reboot.

Good catch, I didn't recognise the name when I read the story this morning.
I'm so used to hearing Andrew as "Tucker's brother" I get rather confused hearing "Andrew's brother".
If I recall, the last Daredevil movie was just painful to sit through. And enough with these reboots, sequels and prequels please. As an aspiring screenwriter it pains me it see such a lack of originality in films these days.
This is going to be based off of Frank Miller's,"Born Again" story.
That's a really, really good arc. I'll be interested to see how much they keep of it.
Tucker's brother's brother?
Two interesting points:-
Joss Whedon is a fan of the first Daredevil film

Brad Caleb Kane is married to Sarah Thompson
Didn't realise that. Sarah Thompson is adorkable!
That's a really, really good arc. I'll be interested to see how much they keep of it.

Not read it but isn't that (as far as fan regard goes) kind of the 'Dark Knight Returns' of 'Daredevil' ? Kind of like Chris Claremont's run on X-Men in that fans either gush or stare off into space reverently when it's mentioned ?

Good starting point at least, fingers crossed that a) it happens at all and b) it's, y'know, good.
Is this going to be part of the Marvel Universe series of films or is this another thing like X-Men and spider-man where rights issues prevent them from rebooting it into the universe?
It's like X-Men and Spider-Man.Daredevil is owned by FOX so it does not play in the inter-connected Marvel Movie Universe films
The director's cut of the Daredevil movie is much better.

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