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June 10 2011

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Whedonverse comics for September. There's Angel And Faith #2, Buffy Season 9: Freefall #1 and Dollhouse: Epitaphs #3 of 5. ETA Comic Book Resources has more covers for the issues.

I wasn't expecting that name for the Buffy title. Or am I being oblivious and that's the name of the first arc?
This is the first I've heard of a subtitle for Buffy.I'm also assuming it's for the first arc.
Really not liking the Steve Morris covers... it's a little bit too mish-mash for my tastes. There's the attempt at realistic faces, but then everything else is very painterly...
From afar, the Buffy cover is quite beautiful, but on closer inspection, it looks stagnant and it really bugs me that her face seems to be Photoshopped onto the rest of the piece.

Barring art gripes, I'm super excited for the start of Season 9.
I think the title is the subtitle for the series. Publishers don't usually include the name of the arc in the title in the solicitations.

Cool cover! I am excited for September! Buffy's back!
Really dig the Angel and Faith cover. It's just all around nice.
The Buffy cover? I kind of hate it. Kind of a lot actually. Like Wenxina said, the face looks like it was tacked on after...and just the cover itself is...let's just say not my cup of tea.
well I love the Buffy cover. I adore the colors, the abstract quality of the falling buildings and the fluidity of the swirls from the sheet, her hair, etc... Her hair looks stunning to me.
I also love the Angel&Faith cover. I again love the sense of motion particularly on Faith's legs. The color is so pleasing to my eyes. I also really dig Angel's hand in the foreground. Nice shape and detail.
Very cool cover. Don't know what to make of the solicitation but take it one issue at a time!
So I suppose this confirms that Jo Chen is considered the "variant" cover this season (*pout*) and that she's not on cover duty for Angel and Faith (*larger pout*) huh?
I do like both covers, though I can see now about Buffy's face. It does have a different feel then the rest of the cover. The hair, sheet, and sky all remind me of Greek gods and goddesses.

I find that surprising; I thought the first cover would be more in line with the close of Season 8's "Let's get to work" panel. This is more Daliesque -- is that a word? As a stand alone, I find it striking.
As usual, CBR page features the other covers, some of them already revealed in previous occasions.
Thanks. I added that to the entry. I like the Dollhouse Kill Order one.
Buffy's cover has a surreal feel: Salvador Dali has a dream about "Inception". A&F's cover is beautiful.

@NumfarPTB - thanks for the link. Interestingly, there's still only a half of Chen's cover.
I'm only getting the Phil Noto covers for the copies of Dollhouse I'm purchasing, they've been gorgeous so far.
I'm undecided about the BtVS cover. I don't think it's bad but it's not really my style either, so it's hard to form a strong opinion on it. I definitely prefer Chen's and was surprised to see that her cover will be the "variant." Does anybody know if that means Jeanty won't be doing covers for S9 (except for special occasions) and that it will be Chambliss and Chen instead?

The solicitation doesn't say much that we didn't already know but 'Freefall' is new and, I assume, the name of the first arc. Very exciting!

I like Chambliss' depiction of Angel in the A&F cover and the demon looks great. I'm glad this is the second solicitation now that is acknowledging that what Angel did in S8 was really bad (unforgivable, even) just to drill home the point. I'm curious to see how Angel plans to earn back his redemption but I'm a little scared for the character right now. He's on a razor's edge at the moment!
Just e-mailed my comic book store to add Buffy and Angel and Faith to my pull list. Thought any sooner would be a bit eager, but now the solicits are out, I'm a happy person.
@vampmogs: Andrew Chambliss will be writing for the Buffy book. The cover art is by Steve Morris, which I'm sure you know, but just in case, I wanted to point it out.
I'm not sure if Georges will be continuing on variants. It's possible that Chen's covers are a one time deal thing and perhaps for filling-in. I assumed that both the main interior artists (Jeanty and Isaacs) will be providing the regular variant covers.
I enjoy the Angel and Faith cover. But the Buffy cover looks so awkward and kinda horrible.
Wow! Those new covers! Love the poses on A&F, and the dreamscape look of Buffy's is at such a perfect juxtaposition with her new world of no magic.

Also loving it that Willow's issues are mentioned right in the blurb. And I wonder what Angel's "ultimate plan" will be?
@vampmogs: Andrew Chambliss will be writing for the Buffy book. The cover art is by Steve Morris, which I'm sure you know, but just in case, I wanted to point it out.

Oops! I actually did know that but just typed the wrong name, but thanks for letting me know just in case :)

There's so many new names to remember now that I'm still wrapping my head around it!
The Buffy cover reminds me of Botticelli's painting, The Birth of Venus.
The covers remind me of Adam Hughes covers for a lot of stuff, but particularly Power Girl. Super realistic faces with cartoony surroundings. Really weird choice. Works alright in the covers, because the art is indeed pretty... but just idea-wise, I don't get it.
FYI, Rebekah Isaacs has confirmed via Twitter that she'll be providing a variant cover for all issues of A&F, excepting Issue #1.
So why are there 2 Jo Chen covers for Buffy #1, plus a Jeanty cover? Last season we had 1 Chen cover and 1 Jeanty cover.
There aren't two Jo Chen covers for Buffy #1. The "my hair is a squid" cover is by Steve Morris.
I think we've got a third cover this time because of the Dark Horse 25th Anniversary thing. I'm guessing there will just be two covers for most of the season.

I definitely like the Jo Chen cover best for Buffy ... no surprise there! It has an epic feel to it. Like that her Buffy looks a bit older in this one (definitely twenty-something--as opposed to the Jeanty cover, where she looks about 15). And I like that Buffy is alone, but looks confident and ready to slay. Plus the whole thing is just gorgeous.

I don't hate the surreal one--I actually kind of like it, though I agree that her face is a bit of a weird stylistic contrast with everything else. But, for me at least, the Chen cover is irresistible. :-)

I like both of the Angel and Faith ones a lot. Both artists capture Angel's appearance well, and Faith's fashion sense is spot-on as well (which is important to me, since Whedon characters' clothes usually say a *lot* about them).
I love the underwater-y Buffy cover, I think it's beautiful. I immediately thought how perfect it was for the new San Francisco location because it reminds me so much of the style of many of the murals which are all over, here- specifically it really reminded me of murals by a person named Mona Caron, which are all over SF....

I can't wait!!
Georges just confirmed via Twitter that he will be providing all the variants to the Buffy books.
I'm disappointed by the fact that Jo Chen is not doing covers for Angel & Faith and she's not the main artist for Buffy.
I really don't like Morris cover :S

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