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January 09 2004

(SPOILER) List: TV- and movie-inspired video games Slight spoiler if you haven't yet played the first Buffy xbox game. Buffy is described as a "Rave Fave" for tv and movie inspired video games.

No mention of Chaos Bleeds though. I enjoyed both games and did feel like they were "lost episodes". I'd love for them to come out with another Buffy but I'd especially love for a Firefly game and an Angel game too!

Quite frankly, the first one is vastly superior to the sequel. I had problems with the controls, the fighting engine, and the camera, not to mention the fact that Sarah *and* Alyson chose not to lend their voices for the sequel (Alyson's replacement in particular is grating on the ears).
Oddjob, Sarah and Alyson didn;t do the voice-overs for the first one either (but the same girl that did Buffy's voice is back in the second one and you can hardly tell that it isn't SMG)...but you are quite right...The first game was excellent...You can tell that the game developers rushed the second installment out with several bugs and sub-standard gameplay issues.
SMG didn't do her voiceover for the first game, but her replacement did a fantastic job. And Alyson did indeed lend her voice for the first game, just not the sequel (probably wanted too much money but that's pure speculation).

Also, some clarification: The Collective worked on the original videogame (they also worked on the Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb videogame and did a great job there) and Eurocom worked on the sequel.

As for specific problems with the sequel, they include:
- Collision detection (you can apparently stake vampires in the crotch area).
- Camera problems (try walking towards a wall to see what happens).
- Controls (not as elegant as the original).
- Some of the actor likenesses (Faith looks like Cordy, but with her hair up).
I liked both games. The quick-stake was a great idea for Chaos Bleeds, the little problems I had were more questions of being faithful to the show, than problems with the game, for example: staking vampires anywhere kills them; other vampires drink Spike's blood; When Spike dies he doesn't dust, he just falls to the ground.
I anxiously await another game in the series, be it Buffy or Angel.
Also, aside from Buffy, South Park is listed as a "rave game" yet everyone I know who played it, disliked it. Also, Goldeneye deserves to be in a league of it's own, it's the only game of a movie that is possibly better known as a game, than a movie.
I actually liked both games too. I did find the camera annoying in the second game but once I went to options I changed the camera angles to "inversion on" and I didn't have as much trouble. I liked some of the newer features in the second game like the quick stake feature and was very frustrated when I played the first game again on hard and kept getting my stake knocked out of my hand and it seemed so slow in her getting another stake.

I thought Faith looked great and actually didn't think Cordy looked like Charisma in the first game plus they gave her blue eyes and Charisma has brown eyes.

But because the first game was so great, the second one should've improved on everything and a lot of people complained the most about the camera thing. When I first started playing it I thought it sucked but once I turned everything to inverted on and got used to it I really enjoyed it. I did notice that everytime the stake never went near the heart and was always in the crotch as it was when you shot arrows too (it was funny to shoot a bunch of arrows at one bad guy and see him standing there with a crotch full). But again, they should've totally built the game on the first games engine and then added improvements like the quick stake button.

And yes, Alyson did definitely do the voice for the first one and is in the credits for it at the end. We thought the person doing the voice in the second one sounded like Willow on valium!!
Lets face it, the graphics engine behind both games were vastly outdated. Could it have killed them to have some decent graphics?
And don't get me started on the rendered faces. I've seen better work by NBA Live modders.
Seriously, go and look.
agreed the first was better than the second, but the second wasn't that bad.

Plus I really love Buffy's "I hate the zoo..." line. It cracked me up every time.

and yes, the non AH Willow voice on CB was/is pure crapola.
I've never played the first one cause I've got a PS2 but I enjoyed the second game, it wasn't the best game of all time but it was fun. Enjoyed playing Xander and Spike. Willow singing "A secret, I found a secret" did get on my nerves. Shame the plot didn't fit in with the show.
I thought the plot did fit in with the show. The only problem I had was that this was set in a period where Glory was around, and not once is Dawn mentioned, they all go to another dimension and Buffy never says anything about her.
I loved Ethan's last scene in the game, must have been one of the last done, as he fell to the ground struggling to say "from beneath you, it devours".
I think I read one review that said they got the impression that the AH stand in practised the voice by watching the American Pie movies, and I think they're probably right. We should feel lucky there wasnt a line about where she put her stake one night.
I still haven't played the second game, though I've watched some of it being played. So I can't really comment on actual gameplay versus the first game (which I loved) but overall I thought it was a decent game. I agree the voice for Willow was way off, and Anya as well, if I remember correctly. And I think the girl that did the voice of Buffy has done a great job. My one problem that I always mention though, is a matter of continuity. This game is supposed to take place during season five, yet they mention 'kitten poker' which isn't heard of until season six. In their defense, I think only the vamps say it on the game, which would make sense if they've always played it - but in the comic set up, Buffy or one of the Scoobies mentions it.

Just a bit of nitpicking, it's not really relevant. :)

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