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June 10 2011

'Serenity' features in MSN's list of Best Science-Fiction Flicks. MSN wonders if new movies such as 'Super 8' can stand up against sci-fi classics like 'Serenity'.

totally just saw that- took a screen capture

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Super 8 is fantastic. Also, it's quite original and my immediate impression is that it's likely to be seen as a classic in time, too.

There's real talent and creativity being poured into the genre these days. good thing there's plenty of room for more classics. One need not displace another.
Struggling to see the actual article here, the link just seems to take us to a list of films with basic information about them containing links to Bing searches. Is it maybe not working for me cos i'm outside the US (or not using Internet Explorer) ?

(or is that what i'm meant to be seeing ?)

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