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June 10 2011

(SPOILER) Have the villains of "The Avengers" accidentally been revealed? An apparent twitterer who has been working on "The Avengers" may have made a big boo-boo in tweeting from the set. A poster at reports on the possible snafu.

It's Angel isn't it?

Are there spoilers in the io9 article?
Yes, if it's true. It almost seemed like a misleading headline to a joke, which they do. But there is a serious theory in there.
It's arguably less substantive than whatever ComicBookMovie (or whoever) leak/theorise, so if you know that stuff, you're golden. Couple of funny tweets as well.
Meanwhile... "has the villains"?
Oh no, is Twilight coming to the Avengers?
To be fair, CBM got the info first so credit where credit is due and all that.
Crew should not twitter the ongoings of production details. Not only does it defeat the purpose of surprise that the storyteller's trying to convey, but it's also part of confidentiality they agree and sign off to.

But for those who liked to be spoiled:
It's one thing for something to leak. Completely different when it's a crewmember who uses it to brag.

See: Girl who twittered about the Glee prom.
Things like this put the "Twit" in Twitter.
The user is gone from Twitter now.

In fairness to production staff using twitter, it can be fine. Dollhouse peeps did it. Just, ya know, use common sense. Okay: you guys will love this episode. Not okay: River is made of chocolate!
The only thing that's clear is that the villains look like something other than humans. That doesn't even narrow it down much.
Clearly its not the Skrulls. Go Kree!!
What daylight said. Lots of heroes and villains would need prosthetics. Doesn't make them alien. (And pink-skinned Kree would pass for human.)
nyaw @gossi you had to mention River was made of chocolate... I miss that thread on the Serenity movie boards.
Really, River is made of chocolate?! My dreams are dashed!

Not sure why everyone is so excited, the heroes always vanquish the nasty villians. Wait...should I put a spoiler tag on that? :)
Since I don't know anything about the Avengers (comic book form) I read those tweets for the Joss content - demonstrating what the villains will be doing, to, it seems, great hilarity on set gave me a flavour of what it is like on set.
I wouldn't put it past Joss for him to have been the Twitterer just to try and put us off the scent of who the real villan(s) are going to be.
This made me think of the fellow who had a small part in Serenity and made some comments. Didn't he think the reavers were aliens because of...well...what they looked like?

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