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"Yeah, I killed a city one time. Funny story."
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June 11 2011

Firefly reference in Duke Nukem Forever. By all accounts, Duke says "I hope they make another season of that show Lightning Bug. The captain is so dreamy."

Slightly different version of the quote here:

I wonder if they'll do another season of that Lightning Bug show? That Captain is such a dreamboat.

Guess that bug had quite a shock!
Somehow, I don't think the "duke nukem forever" tag is going to see much more use.
The reviews have not been kind.
Well, infinity's a long time, expectations were bound to be hard to meet.

(not played it, to me it's of its time and maybe better left there)
Note: DNF was developed by Gearbox, the team behind Borderlands. In interviews, they said Borderlands was inspired by Firefly and had at minimum four Firefly references.

Also, DNF sucks.
I still smile every time I hear "lightning bug". Anyone else grow up calling them that?
You mean as catching them in a jar and staring in amazement as they light up? Heh, you're bringing back memories, Kairos!
God, Duke Nukem was one of the first games I played in the early nineties when I got my first decent computer. Loved the voiceovers. He'd throw a grenade into a bunch of aliens and he'd say, "Let god sort them out." Or he'd randomly say, "I'm gonna get medieval on your ass." Funny stuff.

I got some of the game add ons but kept waiting forever for the DUKE NUKEM (takes) FOREVER. Awesome game at the time, but they just took too long putting it out. I have no plans on getting it (I allow myself only one game per season and my Summer game is going to be Dungeon Siege 3 - fall game is Elderscrolls 5 - winter game Diablo 3? or at least I can dream).
I've seen some of the stuff in Skyrim, Njal. So freakin' epic you wouldn't believe.
Gossi, that is terrible news! I spent a staggering amount of time playing Oblivion. But not as much if I were still playing WoW. I love games, but if I play them too much I cease living my life. But at least with off line games I can keep it under control. When I was in a gaming guild (which makes me love THE GUILD a lot - though I never lived within a thousand miles of any fellow guild members) I was so competitive about being the highest ranked character. First to max out my guy in Asheron's Call and first in WoW, but all I did was game. So, at least in Fallout 3 I wasn't in competition with anyone else.

Still, there are some dangerously tempting games in the offing. Other than Asheron's Call and WoW, I never spent as much time doing just about anything as I did playing both versions of Diablo. Lots of fun to come.
"Note: DNF was developed by Gearbox" (Sigfodr)

Yeah, one of the Gearbox employees, who has a web series and podcast, is an avowed Firefly fan. He also mentioned on a podcast that he wrote some of the dialogue for DNF.

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