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June 12 2011

Philosophy explained through Dollhouse. It helped this person study for an exam.

Whoa. This is awesome.
Nice idea, not so sure about the specifics though. E.g. I hope the author didn't actually define materialism that way in their exam cos they're gonna lose marks - materialism "...disregards the brain entirely" ?? Err, no, not so much (unless that's a 'Dollhouse' quote that I can't place ?). Some of the others are a bit suspect too.

There're a lot of philosophical ideas touched on in 'Dollhouse' though, fer sure.

ETF a plural.

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Ouch. Just about every single one of those "definitions" was wildly inaccurate or just plain wrong. Speaking as someone with a PhD in philosophy and who was a university lecturer in the subject for about five years. I hope no one else uses any of this for an exam.
I'm glad that someone with a doctorate in philosophy weighed in on those answers. I'm merely a dabbler in philosophy, but I was appalled at what was written.
Yeah, always handy to have someone who knows the material really well weigh in. Bit leery of being too emphatic in these situations because with stuff which I do know a bit about the pattern of understanding often tends to go

Is that true ? -> That's true -> That's true but a bit simplistic -> It depends

so when something that I don't know really well (as in this case where i'd hesitate to even claim 'dabbler' ;) seems really wrong I always wonder if it's that they're way off base or just that i'm still on "That's true" and they're talking the language of "It depends".
Seconding dzr here - I got through about half of those before the sustained exposure to inaccuracy killed me. I hope this was a joke, as I could see some of these "definitions" being attempts to lightly mock the subject matter (metaphysics is probably the clearest one).
Wondered that myself, "Abstract theory or talk with no basis in reality." sounds a lot like someone (possibly an engineer ;) who's finally got to the end of a slightly frustrating course in philosophy.

(but most of the rest miss the mark to some extent both as definitions and humour)

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