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June 12 2011

Neil Patrick Harris talks hosting the Tonys. In this PopEater interview, he also talks parenthood and movie roles. "Smurf" spoilers (really).

The interviewer really seems to have rubbed NPH the wrong way, and with a lead-in question like that, I can't say I blame him. And the question about the Spidey outfit is completely out of the blue -- I can't say I've ever seen NPH do anything like that. Bleh.
You know, after reading the comments I can see why actors often don't come out. There's something disgraceful about humanity.
NPH has been giving a lot of interviews to promote both the Tony's and the upcoming broadcast (in select theaters this Wednesday) of Sondheim's 'Company'. This was not one of the best interviews, but it had some fun answers (I'm also amazed that his twins sleep 11 hours, my cousin's twins constantly wake each other up throughout the night).
I didn't look at the comments thread, just the interview. Unfortunately, when an openly gay man or lesbian woman (this isn't really redundant, I am recusing men from the isle of Lesbos in this sentence) gives an interview, he or she can say, "The sky is blue," and somebody will go into a homophobic rant on the comments thread about why the interviewee shouldn't be looking at the sky, and why the color blue is now a bad thing, or why the sky is actually green and only gay men and/or lesbians think it's blue. Or something.
Well, NPH certainly opened the show with flair!
Fabulous opening!
He handled some less than ideal questions well, props for that.
For those who missed the telecast, NPH was fabulous, as usual, from his opening to his "duel" with Hugh Jackman to his rap ending.

Here is a link to a video of the full face-off with Jackman.

Here's a link to the wrap rap.

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Palehorse, thanks for the link. :D Needed that.

"You're a free unwrapped cough drop!"

*still laughing*

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