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June 12 2011

Robert Downey Jr. talks about Joss Whedon and The Avengers. The actor made a surprise appearance at yesterday's Hero Complex Film Festival.

I was there and it was a pretty huge surprise when he showed up. Favreau was attempting to phone him "on the set" and couldn't get through. And then Downey yelled down from the back of the house and the crowd just went nuts.

I threw up some video of him talking about the Avengers (feel free to axe this bit if needed since I am self-linking...)
Cool thanks. It's ok to link to your own stuff in the comments.
I know it's silly because i've never met Joss and don't know him at all - but when someone like RDJ talks about how awesome Joss is - it's like a movie star just said my older brother is awesome. I'm all Squeeeee!
@missmuffet -- agree! RDJ sounds genuinely happy and excited. It's all shiny.
Lady Brick, thanks for the video. It's interesting to read the transcription and then listen to the video of that bit. His actual words are not particularly remarkable, but RDJ is just one of those people who can inherently make the most mundane thing that drops from his lips sound funny. I always wonder how people do's so not me.

And it sounds like he's playing ball, too. : ) That's really nice to hear. I know that earlier in the process, some of us here were worried about RDJ's, um, respect for and adherence to Joss's script.
@missmuffet it's just like when they had that announcement thing in last years SDCC, with RDJ calling in the new cast and Joss, was hard to feel all happy and excited for him, as if we were related somehow, despite clearly not.
Sounds like Joss is just simply a good captain of his ship and Downey respects that. RDJ will be let down on his next film experience and back to his hijinks, most probably.
I think RDJ is one of those people who it is extremely easy to misinterpret. Especially in text. He has a way of saying everything with a wink and a nudge. I never once thought he was going to be problematic for Joss since I always assume he is clowning around since he is 99% of the time.
I have mixed to hopeful feelings when reading this. Mixed in that I do believe Downey Jr. came into this with a great deal of trepidation about how this would affect what is obviously a goldmine franchise for him personally, and of course he's going to tell a fan convention that things are going great. Hopeful in that I do believe Joss is sticking the landing and probably convincing Downey on a daily basis that what they're doing is going to work.
The article mentions that RDJ's usual complaints are for scenes have usually been done many times before, and are being done the same way again. So either the script should have the characters aware of that, or bring something a bit different to the game. I think Joss's writing is a good fit for that sort of mentality. (Ordinary situations become unconventional, due to the way these unique characters react.)
But he wasn't wearing a "Joss is my Master Now" t-shirt, was he?
Oh, Whedon-y SNAP! :)
I threw up some video...

That must have been uncomfortable.
MrArg, why do you think RDJ was trepidatious? I've seen nothing (besides obviously tongue in cheek remarks) from RDJ indicating that he was anything but 100% on board. You absolutely can't take RDJ literally.
Oh I realize he's snarky and all that, but most comments over time along the same lines indicate some degree of truth, even if they're meant to be funny. I believe his first quote on the Avengers script was "it'll be great, once I fix it." He's had a couple more of those, along with this, which of course ends on a very positive note (which is of course the only one we fans want to believe is 100% heartfelt) but doesn't really start on one. Combine this with the "real world" vibe of the hit Iron Man movies, the vibe that all involved with the third have said they want to get right back to, and I think it's a safe assumption that RDJ had some trepidation--again, not hatred, remorse, or anger, but trepidation--coming into this project on how it would affect the movie series that has elevated his career to new heights.
I don't see it. Seems like a lot of assuming with no real reason. Borrowing trouble my grandma used to call it. I think we call it useless picnicking around here.
Well everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion. You can probably sort through the various facts and find a decent argument for both sides of the coin (if anything being said here is in fact all that polarized). I suspect production on the film will continue regardless of where anyone around here stands on the question. And I'm sure useless picknicking has never been engaged in around here or any other corner of the web :) Love the term, I will be sure to use it more often.

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