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June 13 2011

Joss Whedon Rap - a song about Joss Whedon. A little bit and more bits of fandom & fun from a girl who wants to have sexual intercourse with ours truly. And who loves Fray ^^.

How the hell didn't I know that Joss made a contribution to "Lion King 2"? Huh. All this time.

Also, this video made me smile.
Kind of cute, but I prefer the girl who wants to have Stephen Fry's baby. Of course Joss received the Harvard Humanist Society award before Stephen Fry did....(which is the origin of this linked video).
Where can I get that shirt?
haha that made my day!
The girl who wants to have Stephen Fry's baby is Molly Lewis and you should buy her music.
Stephen Fry is awesome!
So is Joss Whedon, and so is sexynerdgirl. :-)
@XanMan The song "My Lullaby" was co-written by Scott Warrender and Joss Whedon. If I'm not mistaken, I think Joss did the lyrics and Scott did the music. Which sounds a bit Metroid-y.
This was fantastic. Totally made my day. (Well, made my... wee hours of the morning? I need to start sleeping at night like normal people do.)
The Joss song was cute but I absolutely LOVED Stephen Fry's baby!

Embers - thanks for the Stephen Fry's baby link!
Amused x2, though the Stephen Fry song made me LOL just a bit :).

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