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June 13 2011

NPH's opening number at the 2011 Tonys. NPH lets us know that the audience for Broadway has broadened.

Absolutely fantastic!
Love Neil, love NYC Broadway.
Wow. What a great opener. Such a talented man.
I loved NPH in this number, and I loved the choruses from so many different shows included so cleverly, it is just too bad that someone thought that 'audience participation' would be a good thing since that really fell flat (tuneless and very flat!).
That was spectacular in every way! Bravo, 3InitialsMan!
Thanks for linking this. I linked his wrap rap and his face-off with Hugh Jackman in yesterday's thread on NPH. (Ran out of time when posting and did not get a link for the opening number.)
I loved his little quirky face and head tilt in the beginning when he first said "not just for gays."

Great to see Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones in the audience. Also caught a glimpse of Kelsey Grammer.

Wish I knew what the backup dancers were supposed to be representing. Right now the only thing I know about on Broadway is that Spiderman thing, and only because of all the bad stuff that was happening with it. (And because they did a really annoying number in the finale of American Idol.)

I'm so glad Neil's in the Whedon family. But am I the only one who thinks he looks better now than when he was Doogie?
ShadowQuest, I think he looks better now than he did as a kid and that was utterly swell. I even liked the audience stuff - "Al Pacino, you're way too famous to have to do this!"
There was How To Succeed in Business, Book of Mormon, South Pacific, Nunsense and some stewardesses.
The last two were Sister Act (Which has the working title Nunsense) andi"m pretty sure the last ones represented Catch Me If You Can
South Pacific isn't on Broadway right now, the sailors were from Anything Goes... . But the combination of back up dancers from all those shows made for a very funny chorus line for NPH!
Two LOL mentions of my ethnic group. Thanks so much, ilion and Whedonesque; I would never have come across this terrific number anywhere else.
Thanks, Embers. I missed the Tonys because I was at the Glee concert. Bad scheduling on my part.

And I meant Sister Act. Nunsense is another show.
His closing rap was pretty amazing too!
The last two were Sister Act (Which has the working title Nunsense)

Nunsense is an entirely different show. In fact, it was around even before the original Sister Act movie.
Oh shnoods you beat me to it, I was thrilled that NPH tweeted a link to the writing of his final rap.
Thanks embers. Yesterday I looked up NPH's numbers and some of the other musical numbers, but I had not seen the writing of video. The idea of someone writing it on the fly and NPH learning it while in the process of hosting the show boggles my mind everytime he does one of those end of the show numbers. Yikes!!!
NPH made the Tonys a giddy experience. The Tonys made me want to take another trip to NYC to see some plays. Like War Horse, or How to Succeed in Business, and Catch Me If You Can. That looks fun.
I loved the NPH vs. Hugh Jackman bit. Rolling on the floor laughing funny. Truely.
Neil should host everything.

PS I want Angela Lansbury to guest on Castle as Castle's grandmother.
Hey, is anyone going to one of the showings of Company this week? I am seriously considering it. I have always had a fondness for that show and it is not done often.

PS I want Angela Lansbury to guest on Castle as Castle's grandmother.

NYPinTA | June 14, 19:53 CET

Yes please.
OMG NYPinTA, that is the best idea ever! Can we tell Nathan? They should do this, seriously. Of course Angela Lansbury is only 17 years older than Susan Sullivan, but if she could play Lawrence Harvey's Mother in 'Manchurian Candidate' (she was all of 3 years older than him) then maybe she wouldn't be too insulted (LOL).

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