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June 14 2011

Movie studios reassess Comic-Con. Despite last year's panel for The Avengers being a highlight, Marvel may join other studios in sitting out the event this year.

It makes sense, however it still irks me.
The less properties there causing conflicts the better as far as I'm concerned. All the better for TV franchises. Movies don't hold a candle to TV anyway.
Wow! Yeah, wouldn't want to be confused about what the core reason for Comic-Con existing (comics), would we?

The television networks have largely abandoned comic based formats for this coming season (with a few exceptions), and while Comic-Con's coverage of genre shows is always welcome, the big screen is the biggest showcase for comic-based media right now.

I call this trend puzzling ... and disappointing ... for comic fans.
So basically studios are skipping Comic Con because they don't want people to find out that they might be bringing bad product? Chickens. I say step your game up instead and make sure to bring quality stuff that in the case of adaptations pays respect to the source material. If you don't like people complaining about your half-assed adaptations, make whole-assed adaptations instead.
So basically studios are skipping Comic Con because they don't want people to find out that they might be bringing bad product?

I read it as the studios are skipping Comic Con because it doesn't actually do anything for them at the box office.
Joss will still be there for Buffy though right?
Speaking of which...whatever happened to the Whedon/Spurlock ComicCon documentary? Did they shoot that last year?
Yes! I believe they did shoot the doc last year. We saw Joss and Spurlock with their camera crew in the Dark Horse booth. I think b!x was there with us at that moment, can you confirm/deny?

As far as Marvel sitting out, that makes no sense to me. It's the only SDCC before "The Avengers" release...they should tease what they got so far. Agree that all the other hub-bub about movies getting backlash after SDCC is cowardly. And regarding movies not being comic-based, well that just isn't applicable here. The Avengers is being touted as the biggest comic movie of all time. I bet they change their mind.
Nobody said anything about movies not being comic-based.
The point is that good geek buzz was making studios complacent about marketing (sort of like Universal with Serenity) and bad geek buzz stymied them. You can't really blame some studios for questioning the expense of Comic-Con.

And, yes, the documentary's shot. I know Spurlock was watching a cut of it several weeks back.
Call it the Scott Pilgrim effect. Universal had a movie they thought was great - they spent great expense taking it to Comic-Con last year, audience reaction was great... Then it bombed on release.

Edit: wish I'd read the article before the thread.

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Scott Pilgrim was amazing but before it came out all I read online was that it was garbage and terrible. I didn't see the film til almost 8 months after release on pay tv.
gossi, you were just exhibiting your psychic prowess, nothing wrong with that ;) Very cool to hear they're editing it down now--sounds like last year was a much better one to film than this year will turn out to be.
More TV panels then, eh? Fringe and True Blood, here I come. It would be kind of neat if there were a The Killing panel. Then I could ask why on earth (or hope someone else does) it sounds like they will not end Season 1, in Season 1. Really bozo move.
Wow. I did not expect to have potential The Killing spoilers in this thread.
This is the first year I'm actually going to San Diego Comic Con, so don't scale back now! :-)

Some on other comic boards have mentioned the possibility of Warner Brothers or Disney moving doing some promotion within DC and Marvel's tables and presentations respectively.

It would seem strange for Joss not to be at SDCC, if not specifically for Avengers, then a panel where Avengers at least comes up. However, the one thing that could keep Joss away would be that he might still be filming Avengers. I really hope he does make it to SDCC, as for me this is likely to be a one time thing and Joss is one of the main things I would like to see.
L.A. Times Geoff Boucher has debunked Marvel Studios sitting out of Comic Con.
And there it is...Avengers panel here we come! Knew we could count on you Buffyfantic.
Well, that's great news! How early should we line up for the Avengers panel? (imagines bags under eyes schlepping and maintaining place in line)

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