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June 14 2011

"Once More With Feeling" Returns to Comic-Con... and takes Hall H. That's the news from Whedonopolis, the annual presenter of the Buffy musical screening at SDCC, with details to come.

What's their policy on the Dawn hate?
That's my question too. I've skipped it the last couple years because of the ugly tone. Not the way I want to end the con.
It's a non-issue there, really. Some people have fun telling Dawn to shut-up. Others laugh or ignore that. Whatever floats their boats.
See, I think that's part of the problem. What some people perceive as fun, other people are bothered or hurt by.

When you say "others laugh", I suspect some find it funny and some laugh as a response to feeling awkward. And some of the silent ones that you're assuming are ignoring it are actually greatly bothered by it.

So, as several people here have already said it's a problem for them and one said they skipped the event after past experiences, it's definitely not just a "whatever floats their boats" non-issue.
I'm one of the ones who sat way at the back to get away from the Dawn haters, so yes, it is an issue. I wonder why Hall H? The other room was by no means full.
I went to the screening at SDCC for the first time last year. The Dawn hate really took me by surprise. I've never been a huge Dawn fan, I'm not going to SDCC this year but if I were, I would probably skip the screening, or like Lioness, sit way in the back.
We hate the Dawn hate. When the welcome/imtroduction is made, we remind people that Joss has asked them to stop the nasty Dawn comments, seemed to be less last year than previous years, still makes me cringe.

Any ideas?
Saw this yesterday and considering going, but the Dawn situation is really weighing on the decision. I've never been to a OMWF screening but don't really want to try it out and have the ugly side of our fandom as my last impression of the con.

Any ideas?

Escort the most vocal detractors out of the hall? Are there bouncers/minders for these types of events at Comic Con?
I can imagine that turning into a fan rage riot. The Dawn thing is kinda popular.
I would state upfront that behavior won't be tolerated and people will be asked to leave. Whether or not you actually enforce it is a different deal altogether. By stating that the behavior is NOT acceptable, it empowers others to speak up and hush the haters. I think the vast majority of OMWF sing a long participants don't like the Dawn hate stuff and peer pressure can be a powerful motivator.
I'm sorry but it really is a non-issue for the vast majority of people there. And the crowd gets bigger every year. People leave with smiles on their faces and want to do it again next year because they find it fun and joyful, even when someone yells shut-up Dawn. Trying to stifle people would probably not go over well.

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