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June 14 2011

He only gets more horrible with age. Neil Patrick Harris turns 38 on this horrible day.

"It's a brand new day,
Yeah the sun is high,
All the birds are singing
That you're gonna die!"

Appropriate lyrics, IMO. :P Happy birthday NPH!
Happy Birthday Neil!
Happy Birthday, Neil Patrick Harris!
Did he really audition for the role of Simon River in Firefly?
barboo: Did you mean Simon Tam, or that he auditioned for both siblings?
Oh neat. It's my birthday, too. This is a much better celebrity bday to share than Courtney Cox (although she is exactly my age). Happy day Neil!
I'm going to see 'Company' tonight, and earlier today I saw an ad for 'Company' wherein NPH specifically asked everyone to go see it tonight in honor of his birthday (he was kidding... but I'm going anyway!).
Happy birthday!
I saw him tonight in Company. Outstanding!!
I second redeem147's wow! It was so wonderful (all of it was so wonderful) that people couldn't help but applaud even though we didn't have the actors there to applaud to. I was blown away by NPH, and really by everyone. This is definitely something special, and I'm glad I saw it on the big screen.
Happy belated!
Are you saying they weren't originally conceived as two characters inhabiting one body?

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