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June 15 2011

'Can't Stop the Serenity' events for the summer. This year's CSTS kicked off last weekend. Find out if there's a screening of Serenity in your area in the next few months.

Toronto's event is this Saturday at the Underground Cinema.
Gloucester's is also on Saturday.
North Texas seems to have an event on June 26th. Note that our own Taaroko is donating art to their raffle!
CSTS Vancouver (BC) is on Saturday, June 25th - an all-day extravaganza which includes excerpts from a couple of locally-made webseries, sing-along to Dr. Horrible, contests, trivia, many shiny auction items (including one from mindeclipse which is currently stuck in postal limbo due to job action!) and of course Serenity on a big screen!
CSTS Los Angeles is also on Saturday June 25th. It's sold out, but everyone will be able to see the Live Webcast, which will include the CSTS intro DVD featuring Joss Whedon. You will only be able to see the intro DVD during the live broadcast, if you watch it later it will not be shown. We have Adam Levermore designed CSTS LA Logo items available for purchase online until June 30th. We just announce the Prize Drawing and Merchandise info.

Plus, anyone who wants to (possibly) get their question asked during the Q&A, attending or not, can head on over to Twitter and send it using the hashtag "#CSTSLA".

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