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January 09 2004

Charisma Carpenter thanks her fans in this audio clip at

Sweet *sniff*.

What a gracious, lovely person she sounds. I was just watching "Waiting in the Wings" and feeling sadly nostalgic for the Cordy days of yore. Her humor....there was always such a streak of warmth infusing it, even at its sharpest.
I agree that she sounds very gracious. I think that speaks well of her in that I don't think that she has been treated well in the Whedonverse. I hope that in future episodes this is corrected by at least attempting to honor Carpenters efforts.
Sweet message. How they could dump Cordelia and keep Fred will always be a mystery to me. 'Crazy' women get on my nerves. Joss seems to like 'em, though.
I admit that even though I loved her in Season 2, Dru eventually got annoying (were any of her First-as-Dru or flashback appearances in Season 7 of Buffy more than half-decent? Not that I can remember). Glory was a mixed bag. Her crazy wasn't often of the good though...the character could've worked the same without it. I dunno, I don't hate Glory the way some do. She was adequate. What other Mutant Enemy crazy women have we seen? Fred was fine in Pylea and I was okay with her during her first few Season 3 was when she got better that I began to dislike her.

There may've been more crazy women, but those're the only major ones that stick out in my mind.

One crazy I never had a problem with was River. I think after all the experiments on Buffy and Angel, Joss finally created his ideal crazy girl.
That was very nice of Charisma. I'm sure her fans are just loving this. I'm looking forward to the interview and wonder if there were any interesting questions asked. That site seems to have good interviews, though.

My friend mentioned how funny it is that this thank you message appeared on a Sarah site. :)
Charisma seems so amiable and sweet natured. I miss Cordy terribly. I truly think that cutting her was a mistake. She was a major part of the heart and "soul" of that show. Not to mention the sarcasm and funnies.
I liked early Cordy who was on Buffy and early Angel. Then I think they ruined her character. I would've been happy though if they brought her out of her coma and had her be more like she was, say, at the beginning of season 2 where she was still witty and sarcastic but with more compassion. I never bought into the pairing up of her and Angel and liked the deep friendship that they had been developing. I do think her guest appearance should have been more than one episode. I honestly don't see how they can wrap everything up in one episode and I hope it isn't the end for Cordy.

As for the actress, she does seem very sweet in real life. I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel live (only watched it because of her) promoting that "See Jane Date" movie. She seemed intimidated by him and he never let her get a word in at all. I would've loved to have heard her have a chance to say something but the "host" was too busy trying to be funny.
Very nice...I really wish we knew what "really" happened between ME and CC but I'm afraid we'll never know because Charisma seem way too nice to spill the beans..I just always think back to Charisma's interview before she had her baby in which she stated that she would not be gone for long and that a lot of mothers work after childbirth...If she only knew what Joss had planned for her...
And I too just finished watching "Waiting in the Wings" and I never could have imagined that CC would be off the show...It is really weird looking back!
And finally, I'm with you prolific...Fred is nice but what was Joss thinking?

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I have mixed feelings about Cordelia. I was mad at ME at first for taking her away from BtVS, because she was so important to Buffy's first three seasons. I forgave them once I saw how much she brought to Angel's first two seasons. I didn't complain about the Season 3 Cordelia, because it was nice to see her become a stronger independent woman. I could see what Angel saw in her -- unlike most other fans. It's true that I missed the old Cordelia then, but I adored the third season of Angel too much to care. Season 4 Cordelia is another story; I was not sad to see her go, and the show might be better off without her.

I think it was a good idea to bring Harmony back, because Joss and company have had much success at producing that kind of humor. It has saved some episodes from being disasters. Meanwhile, I will always have reruns whenever I want to see the old Cordelia I enjoyed so much.
I miss the S1-S3 Cordy. S4 Cordy...not so much. I was never for the Angel/Cordy relationship. I will no harassment I hope???...that I am an Angel/Buffy shipper. (Please don't hate me If they could bring Cordy back with all her sarcastic, salty goodness I would be bouncing off the walls. I would take that over Fred, Harmony and Eve combined.

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