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June 15 2011

James Marsters' June Q&A. In which he talks doing theatre in Chicago, hydrogen technology and nicknames.

Well, if I'll wade in here at the last.

First, props and kudos to Mr. Marsters. As usual, he's educating himself. Don't just imagine. Don't just take somebody's word. Get informed.

He's not wrong that solar-generated hydrogen is very attractive as an energy source.

* It avoids some environmental impacts. Yet has others, mainly in making generation capacity.

* It's energy dense. Batteries, even with technical improvements in their design, carry way less energy than something you can burn.

* Hydrogen - H2 - is pretty non-polluting. On the other hand it explodes pretty readily.

* It'll run combustion engines & fuel cells. Yet many, perhaps most combustion engines can't be refitted to use hydrogen & nobody's doing Hydrogen fuel cells at commercial scale - yet

Real engineering problems are pretty Joss-y, really. Things that look free or consequence-free aren't really. Want to solve your life? Grasp power. Oops, now you're responsible for what happens, and BTW your friends freak out. Even reversing the stereotype of the damsel in distress, has two prongs. Yes, the woman isn't the victim. Yet, possessing power, here comes the questionable exercise of power, including declining to use it when you have it. If you're the slayer do you have the right to be a regular girl? Maybe the challenges or power are not a male / female thing, but a human thing. Drat.

So, good on Mr. Marsters for getting educated. Along the way, the question, "Why isn't this so?", sometimes uncovers actual reasons.

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