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June 15 2011

Summer Glau signs with United Talent Agency (UTA). She was previously with William Morris.

Interesting. I wonder what happened there.
Possibly small fish in big pond decided to jump into a smaller pond where she will be more actively supported. Hopefully this will mean more Summer Glau on our screens and that can only be a good thing.
Hysterically (for GoT folk or just those paying attention to it), the Knights of Badassdom just tweeted using the tagline "Summer Is Coming".
Actually, the little fish swimming in the big sea no longer fits Summer. Think you may want to find another analogy. Really, she's playing herself quite well.
Madhatter, what? I have no idea what you're trying to say.

Summer is far from household name. UTA is a smaller firm that will work harder for her than the larger WME that has bigger name clients.

What point were you trying to make?
Yes, that's often the case (sorry!).
But what point were you trying to make? Please explain.
That you shouldn't mized-up fish.

IrrationalTV, nice to meet you! I love your thinking.
May I call you 'TV"?
Sweetie, call me whatever you want. I still don't understand what you're saying. :/
Without trying to put words in Madhatter's mouth, I think the idea of the comment made was Summer is no longer a bit part actress in Hollywood but a credited actress who has been key cast member on two major network shows that lasted at least 13 episodes in the last couple of years. She stands out in the metaphorical crowd better now, so piscine analogies about swimming areas kinda doesn't work any more.

At least I think that's the point generally ;D
I'm with IrrationaliTV here, and not just in being generally confused by what Madhatter was saying! ;)

I still see Summer as being something of a little fish, at least in the grand scheme of things. Generally speaking, neither Terminator:TSCC or The Cape were successful enough to have improved her celeb status all that much. Her existing Firefly/Serenity fans might have paid attention to the fact she was starring in them, but I doubt many other people did. In fact, not many people paid attention to The Cape at all, and for good reason. ;)

Not that I don't think she deserves to be a 'bigger fish'. She most certainly does. I just don't think she has managed it quite yet.
FWIW, UTA also reps Josh Friedman, who created TSCC.
She is definitely someone I want to see on something. I'm not picky about what. As long as she isn't on a hospital show or a police procedural I'll be happy. Though I have to confess that I didn't enjoy THE CAPE. Not her fault. Just a horribly written show.
"What does a pretty girl do to earn respect in this region?"

Seems, you must swallow bigger fish. At least, that's the general thinking.

TV and BlueEyedBrigadier, perhaps the fact that she's starred in several other shows besides these mentioned. Please don't make me list them, I've better things to do with my time!

Damn, now I'm bored again!
Once again, madhatter, I have no idea what you're trying to say. Summer has only had roles on shows with very small audiences. She is not well known in the US beyond fans of some science fiction.
Moving from WME to UTA should help her because she will be a big fish to them.
You don't seem familiar with the "big fish in a small pond" axiom. Maybe you could google it and it would help you understand the conversation better.
Summer has only starred in three shows: Firefly, Terminator, and The Cape. She's appeared in/guested on several others. Other than The Unit, none of them blockbuster TV shows. (And maybe not even that one; I'm just assuming.)

The point being argued re: the move to UTA is that being a smaller agency, they arguably can devote more attention to each client. At a larger agency, smaller name actors are not necessarily going to be sent out/submitted for the best potential roles. (In the end, this is mostly speculation, since we have no idea why Summer decided to switch. But it's a valid theory.)

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