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June 16 2011

Tim Minear on American Horror Story and Terra Nova. In an interview by Assignment X. He's on the staff of the former, and consulted on the latter.

Also, since he brings up the question of Terriers DVDs, Shawn Ryan tweeted earlier this week asking if people would prefer to have bare bones DVDs earlier or more complete DVDs with extras even if it'd take longer. So, that's apparently where the DVD issue stands.
Now I really want to know what his secret spec pilot is. And also, American Horror Story is going to be incredible.
And if anybody wants to check out what Mr. Minear had to say about the end of "Chicago Code" - and where it might have gone in Season Two - ran that interview last week :)
I love Tim. ;)

What’s funny is, there’s a character named Wash, there’s a character named Malcolm, there’s a character named Reynolds – I mean, I was, “Is this an homage to FIREFLY?” [Executive producer] Rene Echevarria promises me that he’s never seen FIREFLY [laughs]. Well, you bastard. I never watched DEEP SPACE NINE [Echevarria’s alma mater] either.

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