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June 16 2011

Buffy Season 1 reviewed. 'The Hat Rack' watches for the first time.

I could agree with most of this. Some of the episodes really aren't that good, but there are always elements that make you decide to give it a shot. And then comes season two and it's a whole different conversation, as the author also says in the comments.
I'm actually rewatching Season One myself, one episode a week. I actually think it holds up fairly well. Of course, I'm already invested in the characters. But I think that Joss showed a fair amount of restraint by not jumping headlong into the love interest stuff with Buffy and Angel. I still find Xander to be heartbreakingly goofy. Willow is, of course, full of Willow-y goodness.
I couldn't get through this article after he compares it to Twilight and Harry Potter. Then complains that the 1997 effects are not up to par with what he wants, and that the internet episode is stupid because of how it is today. Yeah...not an overabundance of intelligence in this one.
Tumnus, have you ever tried showing someone the show, especially recently? These comments are all too familiar for me. This person was in fact more open about the positives than some others I have come across.
I'm rewatching the first season with my first-time-watcher girlfriend. She has made the Twilight and Voldemort comparisons herself- they're fairly unavoidable from a 2011 point-of-view. Frankly, there's a lot of cringe-worthy moments so far. I'm just trying to get her through to Season Two where things really take off, and facilitate the rose-colored glasses with which I can look at Season One now.
I must have seen season one at least half a dozen times, all the way through. Some episodes very likely more than that.

It holds a similar place in my heart to the first seasons of other shows from around that time, such as Stargate and Farscape. All quite shaky in their early days, still trying to find a direction. All becoming something far greater as they progressed.

I actually kinda like season one, despite its cringier moments. Always a blast from the past, at least.

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I like Season One a lot, especially The Puppet Show.
Yeah I find it a bit weird that people make a point about bad effects, even at the time they looked a bit rubbish, it's not unusual to anyone who watched TV before like, 2000, and it doesn't affect my suspension of disbelief or enjoyment but I guess YMMV.

I also disagree with his analysis of the first two episodes. I mean, generic vampires...well yeah totally see what you're saying but I think Darla especially isn't particularly generic and the Master, while a cliche, kind of reaches above it by having an actually funny sense of humour.

Plus 'unexplored characters' is kind of an odd criticism as the first episode of a TV show is about introducing characters not psychoanalysing them. Personally I think Buffy if given a fair amount of character development in these two episodes considering all the plot that has to be worked in to it.

Oh well, just my thoughts, I can rewatch all of season 1 and enjoy it without cringing or marvelling at the dated things (except maybe I Robot, You Jane) and the first two episodes had me instantly hooked so I guess they were good enough for me.
I can see where that reviewer is coming from. I almost gave up on the series when it first started airing. I didn't think it was bad, but it didn't really start to pull me in until after Witch. The cast was really starting to gel by then and when Prophecy Girl aired I was firmly hooked and excited about the next season.
There is a somewhat marked difference between S1 and S2, the show and the actors, finding their way, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy S1. I still do, very much. The stars aligned when Joss decided to bring Buffy to television.
I rewatched first season with my gf last year, who was a first time watcher. She was hooked from the beginning and stayed like this for all seven seasons. I still felt that especially "The Witch", "The Pack", "Angel", and the last four episodes were excellent. I still found the pilot entertaining and "Teacher's Pet" and "Never Kill a Boy ..." hat good moments. At least the ending of "I Robot ..." was worth watching it.

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