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June 16 2011

Marti Noxon joins Glee. She joins Fox's weekly high school musical as a consulting producer. You may recall she sang a few lines in "Once More With Feeling" and in Dr. Horrible with David Fury.

Nice addition, but I won't be watching Glee anyone. Season Two was just awful and so was the second half of Season One. Plus, they've fired Jessalyn Gilsig, so there goes my favourite character and there goes my viewership.
I hope they have her play a news reporter at some point, just so I can say that Glee and Dr Horrible take place in the same universe.
^^ But they can't, because NPH has already appeared on Glee as someone other than Dr. H.

...unless you're trying to say everyone in the Dr. H universe has a doppelganger...
Brierly, she wasn't fried. She was downgraded from series regular to guest star.
^^ At the very least it's a demotion. And there's no guarantee she'll be back, so yeah, it's absolutely being fired.
Woo! Very excited for her! Maybe now the writing with be slightly less crack-tastic.
Thank goodness. So glad that they are addressing the not so good writing in the last season. So much wasted potential.
What a disappointment. I miss seeing Marti Noxon scripted shows on my TV. But I won't be watching this.

Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a different show than all the people who love Glee. I don't see the quality.

The first time Joss's taste in something has let me down. Oh well. I don't need to love everything he loves. As long as I still love everything he makes. Which I do. :-)
Oh the ever so trendy Glee hate. I'm shocked! Bored now.

Great news for Marti and Ali!
I'd call myself a Glee fan. Heck, I went to Glee Live last week... BUT the show just isn't... good. Not anymore at least, writing wise. I really love the cast and the songs. After the first 13 episodes (which were amazing), the show dug itself into a hole and it hasn't gotten out of it.

Glad for Marti though! I will sadly keep watching.

(And yes, Terri was the best character)
@IrrationaliTV: Heh. You got me! Trying to be trendy. That's why I post comments on an internet fan site for a tv/movie writer/director. If that's not trendy, I don't know what is.

That's definitely the first-and most likely the last-time anyone has ever called me trendy.

Thanks IrrationaliTV! You made my night!

ETF: weird grammar issues

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guidedby You're not the only one. I can't flip channels fast enough past that show. It sets my teeth on edge. The only episode I ever watched was the one Joss directed that NPH was in. 'cause...Joss and Neil. (And I'll never be able to listen to "Dream On" or "Piano Man" the same way. Doubly for PM thanks to Castle.)

IrrationaliTV It's not hate. I don't care enough about the show to hate it. I simply can't find the appeal that so many do with this show.

Same goes with The Office, Parks & Rec, Chuck and several other shows a lot of Whedon fans like. They're not my cuppa. And, actually? I find your comment a bit harsh. Just because someone doesn't agree with your taste in shows, and expresses their opinion, doesn't mean you have to snark at them.
Thanks ShadowQuest! I don't actually hate Glee either. Just don't see it. Same thing.

Funnily enough, I thoroughly enjoy all the other shows you mention. To each their own, clearly.
I don't know, ShadowQuest. I don't go into threads about CSI and tell everyone there how much I am disinterested in or dislike their show and then list reasons why it sucks. I just ignore it all together because what right do I have to rain on their parade? Different types of rude I guess. YMMV
I really like glee. I think the second season's arc involving Kurt was excellent.

However, I agree that the writing has been uneven, and I think the move by the creators to bring on more writing staff is a great idea, made even better by one of those people being Marti.
I'm glad for Marti, but it's too little too late for me. The bitter aftertaste of S2 hasn't left yet.
The worst episodes of Glee are comparatively dreadful. The best episodes of Glee are some of the best television on television, and what keep me watching through the confused/debilitated stretches. There's no question, in my mind, that having a broader writing staff is a smart thing to do.
The worst episodes of Glee are comparatively dreadful. The best episodes of Glee are some of the best television on television, and what keep me watching through the confused/debilitated stretches. There's no question, in my mind, that having a broader writing staff is a smart thing to do.

Yep, I completely agree with this. I know that Glee has been pretty uneven for awhile now, but every time I think I might give up on the show they pull out another great episode. That and hopes for the reappearance of Idina Menzel keep me going!
Yesss. I love Glee, unevenness and all, and Marti getting involved with it is great news. Also it looks like they've hired a woman writer, which will make some people in the fandom happy.

I think the biggest culprit behind Glee's wobbles in quality, especially in season 2, has always been the writers spreading themselves too thin. It's three guys writing the whole show plus dealing with the media/marketing demands that comes from the show becoming so ludicrously famous. I read an interview with Ian Brennan recently in which he said they frequently end up writing pages on the day of filming. That's just ridiculous. The first 13 episodes are much better on average because Brennan, Murphy and Falchuk got to write those in a bubble before the show actually aired. But they're still capable of that level of quality - this year's Silly Love Songs and Duets were lovely - it's just that more bad episodes are sneaking in along with the good.
Awesome news. My housemate roped me into Glee and I got hooked. I'm not even a fan of most of the music but I really like a couple of the characters and there's just something about choreographed dancing that gets me.

Anyway, I agree the writing was a bit off recently but I wouldn't say any episode was dreadful, they just need to stop thinking people care about Rachel and Finn. I'm not sure what a consulting producer does though so will Marti actually write anything?
The three writers rotate scripting responsibilities, and I've found scripts by Brad to be the best. I almost always find his scripts at the 'awesome' end of the uneven-spectrum and then say to myself, "Now I have to wait through two mediocre episodes to get to the next great Brad episode." Welcome, Marti! Glad to have you in the Gleeverse.
What does a 'consulting producer' do? Write scripts?

The people they list fall into different job categories so I'm curious to understand how they differ in practice.
Oh, poor Marti. I'm so sorry. :(
Like Steve P I found the Brad Falchuk episodes to generally be the high points in S1. As of early S2 even that wasn't holding up anymore for me. I've been hoping they might move toward more of a writing room situation and away from rotating through 3 writers who seem to all see the show very differently, so this is a promising announcement. Marti Noxon's involvement is especially promising.
Yay, Marti! I think it will be fun to have her joining the ranks (and if Joss directs another episode, perhaps he and Marti will find themselves working together 'once more'). ;)
Will Glee move away from the 'issue of the week' format that plagued season 2? Apart from Kurt's storyline and the Rocky Horror episode, season 2 was mostly awful. Who writes an episode based around the album ‘Rumours’, only to miss out its best track (which is The Chain indecently)? That was the moment I gave up on Glee. I think Marti Noxon should stick with Mad Men.
I don't think people are getting the point or maybe they didn't read the very short article. Three writers wrote and produced all episodes in season 1 and 2. They are obviously aware of how problematic that was and the issues it caused and are now hiring great seasoned writers to correct the issue. This is a GOOD thing. Positive. Forward thinking. The right fucking thing to do.

Perfect time to bail. Whatever.
I love Glee. Season One was very good, especially the first thirteen. Season 2 wasn't as good, but I personally found it more enjoyable. Some very interesting characters were introduced, and some awesome episodes came from it. There were obviously bad episodes, but that doesn't mean it's not a good show. Buffy had bad episodes too. I can't wait for Season 3, I think it will be amazing, honestly. And I think adding new writers is the best thing to do. Spice it up a little. I mean, only three guys wrote the show for 44 episodes.
Yay Marti!

Love Glee. I also love great writing on television, and don't really understand the glorification of the first half of season one. Sure it was a new, fresh thing, but the writing was, if anything, more uneven than what followed. I think season two was better overall than season one. I don't really know about any Glee hate, trendy or otherwise. Don't really care. I'll be watching next year.
Yay for new writers and yay especially for new female writers. I can't wait to see what they do with the Brittana story. Ryan Murphy stated it would be a major plot for season 3 and is a very important story to him, but I put a lot more trust for that story in a staff's hands rather than just Murphy (although he did give us that brutally amazing hurt locker scene in Rumours). Season 2 definitely lacked coherence, with story lines coming and going on a whim. A staff could potentially tighten that up. Hopefully someone is able to step up as a show runner or script supervisor.
Oh, poor Marti. I'm so sorry. :(

Me too, pathsunbeaten, but I'm in the minority who liked a lot Point Pleasent.
I think the best of GLEE's episodes are on the border of awful. If you watch just one or two you might get the impression that it is an OK show, but if you watch all of it, you realize that they don't respect character development, narrative continuity, or plausibility. Nothing that happens on the show matters because it has no long term consequences.

I guess whether you like the show depends on whether you can enjoy overwrought performances of Top Forty songs. I'm on the fence of whether to keep up with it. I try to watch a lot of the higher profile shows, but there is a point where some become too painful. GLEE and TRUE BLOOD are both shows I'm debating dumping.

At least the powers that be recognize how terrible the writing on GLEE has been.
Michael Hitchcock, who played Dr. Mathias in Serenity, is also joining the writing staff.
I LOVE Glee, though it can be pretty uneven with the great episodes being GREAT and the not so great episodes being HORRENDOUS. (Incidentally, I had the same thoughts when I originally watched the latter seasons of Buffy). So I will hang on and definitely think they are making a step in the right direction by adding more writers. Plus, I do love me some top 40 and the singing and dancing is another reason I watch.

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