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January 10 2004

Angel 12 inch figure complete with sword and holy water.

Limited Edition

glady I edited your post to make it more meaningful so please try and be a bit more descriptive in the Link Title and Description fields thanks.
i've reserved one each of the buffy and spike dolls. they're really quite nicely done, with many points of articulation. i'll say tho' that with that much articulation, the flimsy "stand" they come with is not enough to keep the dolls upright. i have the previous sideshow buffy and had to get a proper doll stand for her, otherwise she was constantly falling off my desk shelf and bopping me on the head 8-)
I had already pre-ordered two of the Spike dolls for each of my daughters. I was hoping one would want Angel and one would want Spike but they both are totally in love with Spike that I had to get two. I hope they look as nice in real person as they do in the pictures. Spike looks like the best one to me. Buffy's face looks like her but not an attractive shot and the hair looks funny because it's plastic. It looks okay on Spike and Angel because they're men. But doesn't Angel's head look to big for his body? He is such a well built man in real life and to put his head on a standard action doll body looks a little off.

I wish I could afford to get all three dolls for my kids and myself but I had to settle for just the two for now.
tracy: are you sure they are the same type of dolls as the previous sideshow buffy? I've just put that doll on the scale, and she weighs about 200 grams. These weigh 1.3 kg!
wow that's a big weight difference... but they're both 11-12 inch dolls aren't they...? (the one in my photo is 12") the thing i was stressing tho' was the points of articulation... with so many bending and twisting points the dolls can have a tendency to keel over - i think, but of course i'm no engineer, that this might be an issue regardless of the dolly's weight. it's hardly a problem tho', they're great looking dolls and worth getting a more sturdy stand for.

btw, these dolls are $5 cheaper at next generation toys than they are if you buy directly from sideshow... has anyone here purchased from next gen before...?

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I thought his pants made him look a little high-waisted. ;)

And I *love* that Spike doll. *sigh*
tracy: at least that link mentions that they are fully articulated, which I was doubting. Better preorder them then.
And I agree on the stability of the previous buffy.

Luckily she has one of the gentlemen to hold on to ;-).

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