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June 17 2011

Castle quiz: the historic details of cult hero Nathan Fillion. An online Quiz about Nathan Fillion with some quite funny comments along the way. How well do you know our Captain? Created by one of the networks that shows Castle.

I got 10/10 and surprised myself. :)
I got 9 but it was the only one I had to guess on.
I think I got 7, I assumed he had an extra sibling, and I didn't know the number of the season he was on Desperate Housewives (that was a dumb question, I remembered his character and the plot line, but who cares about the season?).... Maybe I got 8 right, I'm not sure. I know I guessed right on his middle name, city of birth, and the name of his character on Lost.
10/10. I love my captain. ;)
I missed the brother one, also. 9/10.
9 out of 10 - curse my lack of Desperate Housewives Knowledge AND/OR math skills!

gotta say; did not know i knew THIS much about Our Captain - pleasantly surprised on a Geeky Level.
10/10, which is weird b/c I don't really follow Nathan-news. Had to guess on about half of them. For some reason though, I could have sworn his middle name was Craig...

Off by one season on DH, and ... who cares? Ask me which season of Buffy he appeared in?
8/10 - missed how many siblings and the Desperate Housewives season, and managed to guess his middle name right. The rest I knew.
I got 8/ nailed over how many siblings (I knew about brother Jeff but for some reason, though he had at least 1 more sibling) and what season of Desperate Housewives he was on.
er, I got 4... just the Whedon-related ones, Agent Shaw and somehow guessed about the brother. I'm a bad fan.
Just missed the one, because...Desperate Housewives.
10/10 - but I really sweated the middle name question. I'd never seen the answer before (I almost went for Tyrone since his parents are English teachers [James Tyrone, Long Day's Journey into Night], but it just didn't go with Nathan).
What? No 'Why does Cliff wear other men's underwear?' question?
7/10 - but that should really be a 6 because to be honest, one was pure dumb luck. I didn't know the number of siblings, the season of Desperate Housewives, or his middle name*. I somehow guessed right on the Lost character.

*Which I guess is good, because if we all knew his middle name, that might be an indication that he's a lone gunman assassin.
10/10 but I guessed a couple. I seemed to know an unhealthly amount about Nate but I'm putting it down to him being such a nice guy and not me being a stalker geek.
10/10 including several guesses.
I quit once I got to the siblings question. That's none of my business. Why not include a Jubal Early question, instead?
I got 8/10. Missed number of siblings and one other.
It's a neat quiz with great answers, but I do wish that it had focused more on his professional rather than personal life.

Also, I would have liked it if they had made some mention of the fact that Fillion & Delaney played opposite each other in 'Pasadena'. Their 'Desperate Housewives'/'Castle' connection is brought up often, but rarely is their history there cited.
CTV who put together the quiz also shows Desperate Housewives, which would explain why it's here as opposed to some other question.

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