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June 17 2011

More musical scores from Dollhouse. The composer Rob Simonsen has put seven tracks from the show up on his website, five of which are previously unreleased.

There's actually seven tracks there, including that one.
"Do you trust me" is haunting. I love it. I miss this show.
Ooh! Music!

Is this the first of his work we've been able to listen to/download?

Of course I downloaded them; have to start a "Dollhouse" play list somehow! So far it's only 19 minutes, but I trust more will become available.

Now if I could only get music from "Firefly," and find a way to lift instrumental background from my DVDs to flesh out my three hours of "Instrumental Buffy" and add to "Angel"...

I love having the music playing while I'm writing a story or working on a project.
There's actually seven tracks there, including that one.

Aye, he had four up when I posted the link.
Now if I could only get music from "Firefly"...

Why can't you?
The One True b!X Is it available????
It's been out for a while now.

If you can find it, there's an MP3 of the acoustic version of the Firefly theme that was played at the end of the Serenity movie.
I really like the Dollhouse score, it has a haunting feel in it. I really hope it will be released on cd someday!
Simon Thanks! I didn't know the soundtrack had been released. Something to add to my wish list. The tracks aren't in episode order, though - "Heart of Gold" is too high up.

Is the Dollhouse theme out there somewhere? I remember when the show was airing there was talk of two versions, one apparently with lyrics.
The Dollhouse theme is called What You Don't Know by Jonatha Brooke. You can get it on iTunes.
Whiskey and Alpha! <3

I've been waiting for that one for a while.

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