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June 18 2011

Buffy 1.6th scale Library set. A WIP 1.6th scale Sunnydale library set made by a fan to go with their Sideshow 12" figures.

Made by a German collector on the Sideshow Freaks board (the home of the fans who brought you those wonderful Firefly 12" custom figures) It's still a work in progress, but even at this stage shows great promise.

Now this makes me wonder - was there ever an episode where Spike visited the library?
I don't think he's ever been in that set in the show.
@Matt7325: Yes, post-collapse, season 4. It's where he realized the chip didn't prevent him fighting demons.

Was there ever an episode where Spike wore a cross? Or where Der Kinderstod carried a gun?

This is really nice work. Robot Chicken should hire this person for set design.
Who says it's still work in progress? Looks mighty fine to me!
He didn't so much wear the one the Sideshow figure comes with, as use it. It's meant to be the cross he used in the church in the episode 'What's my line' part 2.

"Who says it's still work in progress? Looks mighty fine to me!"

The person who's making it. :)

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I think it's adorable - it's well-done, with a touch of whimsy. I especially like the dino-skeletons on either side of the clock.

(Acrocanthosaurus? Afrovenator? Albertosaurus? I gave up looking for it by the A's & clearly do not know my dinosaurs. ; ] )

(Miniature designers/collectors - like any other designers/collectors - are never done. It's always a work-in-progress.)

I'm more drawn to 1:12 in my own personal miniature obsession, but for 1:6, this does it nicely.

Have you'all ever seen this (somewhat NSFW) dollhouse made by slurkflickr? Can't remember if I managed to link to it when I found it last year.

It's got some of our favorite Whedon'verse characters (including Jayne with a jar of pickles in the kitchen) and other heroes/superheroes, is insanely well-stocked (especially if you're carnivorous), has lots of nice witchy/macabre touches, and has the dubious distinction of being the only dollhouse I've seen with what I can only describe as a Dildo Room. O.O

(I also quite love that teensy Magic Shop made by someone named Chris, and auctioned off a couple of times by Slay-a-thon.)
Would love this for my Buffy collection! Absolutely beautiful!
Aw, QuoterGal, you got my hopes up that it was going to be a miniature Dollhouse dollhouse. Now that's a set I would love a miniature of. But then it would just make me wish I had a life-size version to live in and I would be sad. Never mind. ;-)
guidedby, I don't remember either "Jayne in the kitchen with a jar of pickles" or a Dildo Room in Dollhouse but maybe I missed the Marti Noxon* episode. ; >

And more than almost anything in this world that I can think of, I would love to have a 1:12 100% screen-accurate replica of the Dollhouse house. OMFG, words fail me. Wee little Zen-pool! Tiny Printy the Chair! Miniature co-ed shower! Precious wittle wall mandalas! A miniscule staircase! Topher's office filled with even tinier Topher toys and inappropriate starches!

*makes inarticulate strangled sounds of greed and acquisitiveness.*

Man, would *that* not be a cool fan-project.

Must not think about it. Must not think about it. Must not think about it. Must not think about it. Must not think about it. Must not think about it...

*I kid. I love Marti Noxon.
I have friends who have made their own library set *and* their own Sunnydale graveyard to go with their "Buffy" collectible figures ...
I think it was very well done! In fact, green with envy. Now, why couldn't I think of somethin' like that?!
That's cool, must have been so much work. What surprises me is that it's the library... and there's no close up picture of Giles, as far as I can tell going through all the pictures.
That was pretty surreal, although every diorama should have miniature raptors. What I'm most confused about is that the model of Willow appears to be holding a skateboard. WTF?
digupherbones, I believe that's from the aired pilot of "BtVS". As you may recall, Xander was riding a skateboard and slipped off as he spotted the Slayer. Willow was sitting on the steps of the school and recovered the skateboard.

Then again, maybe a figment of a thought.
Caroline, did you see? - a closeup of Giles

I own the Sunnydale High Library that Diamond made and have it on display in my library. This is very much nicer.
Valid point, QuoterGal. But I still got my hopes up. Even if it was for the 3 seconds before I got to the rest of your description of the 'house. ;-)


Maybe one day. Maybe one day.

ETA an 'of"

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QuoterGal Umm, unless you're looking at a different picture of the clock in the library, those are cherubs. Lying on their sides. Not dinosaurs.

It's easiest to see it in this shot:

Ahhh...I see. Ok. They moved props around for different shots - one of the skeletons is standing on a table behind Angel in one of the shots. That's confusing. My bad.
GreatMuppetyOdin said:

Was there ever an episode where Spike wore a cross?

If something cross shaped serves, in Empty Places, when he was with Andrew, the candle support he was holding had two side arms and a top, making it simillar to a cross.
(I also quite love that teensy Magic Shop made by someone named Chris, and auctioned off a couple of times by Slay-a-thon.)
QuoterGal | June 18, 22:35 CET

Thank you QuoterGal...Although I still love the 1/12 scale library I made a bit more than the Magic Box. The 1/6 Library was fun to view. Almost makes me want to get back into the replica biz again. Always wanted to do the Hyperion Hotel lobby and The Bronze
(someone named Chris)
Chris, you definitely should - those would be exactly the next two Buffy'verse replicas I'm jonesing to see. And then a whole wee high school, and a teensy Spike's lair, and then finally a set of Wolfram & Hart offices. Don't you think? ; >

Do you have links to photos of your 1:12 library? 'Cause I don't remember seeing it, and I'd love to.
There's 2 in this site. Just go to the Buffy section


I have a few more but they aren't linking here for some reason

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