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June 18 2011

(SPOILER) Kristy Swanson stars in "Swampshark". Spoilers that you'd expect from the title. This (tested) link is to Syfy's page for the movie, which airs Sat. June 25.

Shouldn't they have called it "Jumpshark?"
It's not any shark jumpier than any other just-for-the-eff-of-it Syfy movie.
Or rather just-for-the-financial-gain-of-it since, somewhat inexplicably, they apparently do quite well off of these. No reason to suppose this is gonna be the one where they jump it though, either they never will or they did long ago.
Guess we know what type of movies Syfy airs. Lets not be bemeaning please. Aren't we beyond that?
I'm so far beyond bemeaning that I appear to have forgotten what it even means... ;)
Oops, could have sworn that was a word! Guess that Buffy slangish is starting to rub in :)

That is all.
Can't be any worse than the Moby Dick movie starring Gabrielle from Xena... now that one... I was in pain for a bit because I snorted some popcorn. That really stung.
Congratulations again on being someone who gets paid to act, Ms. Swanson.
Also, you have the Original Buffy with a shotgun, aiming at a shark that looks like a big shark. Better than than the prehistoric whale that was supposed to be Moby Dick last night ("call me Michelle"?)
Darn, I was hoping for Spaceshark.
That's in the sequel, 'Spaceshark vs Swampshark: Spaceswamp of Doom'. After that it's Ninjashark with Zombieshark to round out the quadrilogy (unless they're still making money in which case Pirateshark and Cowboyshark may follow).
Remember the "Landshark" from SNL?

You have a bright future in programming, Saje, or at least a dark past.

There's a good South Korean film called "The Host," Madhatter that kind of takes the Landshark concept and runs with it--literally, IIRC.
I suppose it's too much to hope for that this is movie Buffy vs. the Loan Shark from "Tabula Rasa" ...
How bad is it that I'm actually considering watching this? lol.
Can't be any worse than the Moby Dick movie starring Gabrielle from Xena... now that one...

Not sure, wenxina. Did you saw the werewolf one, with Kevin Sorbo, or SyFy Thor? I don't know why they just give up to do these terrible movies with a little bit of script, and go right to make some kind of self parodies, like Critters, or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
In general, I stay away from the SyFy cheese. I happened to watch the Moby Dick one on Netflix a few weeks ago, and saw that it was on SyFy a few nights ago and laughed. But it was pretty terrible.
I am watching Mega Shark vs Crocosauraus right now.
I guess it is true: "57 Channels and nothing on." May I suggest a DVD? Perhaps a nice classic like "Gigli" or "Howard the Duck?"

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