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"I'm not allowed to have layers?"
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June 19 2011

First reaction to 15 minutes worth of Avengers footage. Pretty spectacular by all accounts.

Jealousy! To be one of the lucky few!
Cool, sounds... non-specific.

(can't say i'd be that interested in seeing 15 unfinished minutes of a film that's a year off release but it's good that it's spectacular even without the effects. Not surprising but good ;)
Dancing on pins and needles here!
Out of the Marvel Universe films, I've only seen Iron Man. Since then I've seen the second Iron Man, but that's it. Still, I'm gonna love the shit out of this movie. And I'm holding out for a complete box set, because let's face it - it's inevitable.
BTW, did we ever get a firm word whether "Hulk" will be in this film?

Kinda' miss the green. (sigh, rest in peace, Andy)
We've known the Hulk would be in this movie since last Comic-Con (or probably earlier, except SDCC was when they announced Mark Ruffalo). In fact, the linked piece specifically references the Hulk's presence.
As a matter of fact, Ruffalo mentioned on some late night talk show he is doing the mo-cap for Hulk as well.
comic book movie is, largely, full of crap. Uploaded nonsense from people who adhere to a laughable fair use policy, not worth the paper it's printed on.
Just watched Dr. Horrible again this morning to celebrate Father's Day (don't ask) so I will take that in combination with this random/paper-thin web endorsement of Joss' very early Avengers work as comprehensive cosmic confirmation that we are all in for the best comic book movie yet. *
* (alcohol had next to nothing to do with this comment. I swear. ish.)
I keep avoiding spoilers :)
Philosophical quandary of the day: How do you know something's a spoiler if you avoid it?...
By the sound it makes as it falls in the forest.
@ cleveland - I'm with you.
The only water in the forest is the River. Wait, what?! MOFFAT!!! Tangent joke aside, I am really looking forward to what our Mr. Whedon does with those superhero types :).
You know something's a spoiler when...

1. ...thread ire manifests.
2.'s speckled with red letters indicating it's poisonous to one's state of unknowing.
3. ...your nerves make rattling sounds as they are dragged along by your cursed curiosity at a speed in excess of 100 mph/160 kph on their way to the unwanted reveal.
How do I know, brinderwalt, how do I know ...?
I don't know, so I avoid what *might* be a spoiler.
Turns out, it works. :D

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