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June 20 2011

The twenty worst sci-fi wigs. A Buffyverse pair feature on SFX's list of the worst fake barnets.

ANGEL HAIR! /waits for buffyfest to show up.
Syrup Figs? *snickers*
I...kinda like a lot of those. I mean, it's sci-fi/fantasy... bad wigs just fit.

*smaller voice*

I also quite like Angel's long hair. The pornstache on the other hand...
Ok, Spike I get, but what's bad on Angelus' hair?
My least favorite wig in the Buffyverse was Buffy's in "Gone" before she got it cut. Right from the very beginning I could tell it was a wig and then Spike playing with her hair just drew more attention to it.

I'll also second those Lost wigs. Oy.
The Bargaining wig didn't make the list?

That one and the Gone-wig(were those the same?) were way worse than the Spike&Angelys wigs, which actually don't look that bad. Specially in comparison to Buffy's wigs.
They should have given an honourable mention to the appalling rugs on some of the stunt doubles
If I'm recalling correctly, I think there were two William wigs - one from the first reveal of our effulgent poet in "Fool for Love," and one from "Lies My Parents Told Me." (I think there was some discussion on one of the commentaries about either how they couldn't get the his first wig back for Lies, or maybe it was they didn't want to - I can't remember, exactly.) But they do appear to be different.

If I had to pick, I'd say the second was a little better. But I'm not crabbing about them too much - really good, human hair wigs cost a bundle, and are hell to maintain. The "Gone" wig really was of the suckage, though - I remember watching it when it aired and saying, "Ooh, looks like they must be gonna cut her hair this episode." ; >

When I saw this post's title, the first thing I thought of was "Star Trek", and I'm glad they included one of the most egregious: Ensign Rand. I always kinda liked Elaan Of Troyius', though. And I never had any problem with Lucius Malfoy's look in the Harry Potter movies.

Here are some of my favorite wiggy 60's Star Trek Big Hairs.

ETF: missing suffix. And stuff.

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There's no easy way to say this, but...Spike in the bottom picture looks downright cute. More so in that wig than he ever did with his radioactive Ramen hair.
I'm surprised Tricia Helfer's Six wigs weren't mentioned. While still hot, it didn't make sense to me that Baltar's Virtual Six's hair became so drastically different and that Caprica Six's hair changed so much in same-timeline flashbacks (see the Plan). Also, Starbuck's "One Year Later" extensions weren't so great.
David Bowie was wearing a wig in Labyrinth? I though he just was just werid enough to actually cut it like that.

Also second the Gone wig, I can't stop looking at it, so glad it goes early on. Am I the only one who doesn't think Spike's wigs look bad? They just look like normal hairstyles to me.
Hehe. Angelus' hair was AWFUL, William was cute though. The rest of the article was fairly hair-raising!
I thought Angel's hair in Orpheus (In the cafe listening to Mandy) was the worst, swiftly followed by the 'tache' in Amends.

And I can't see anything wrong with Lucius Malfoy's locks?
I always thought Ensign Rand's hair was extremely cool. I used to dream of doing my hair like that when I was old enough. Then the 70's happened, and all my hair dreams flew out the window.

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