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June 20 2011

'Ringer' gets a premiere date. According to Deadline, The CW has announced Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'Ringer' to premier Tuesday, September 13 at 9pm.

Excited for Ringer! I'm also excited that we have premiere dates for Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. Basically the CW is my favourite network, and no I'm not a teenage girl.
Brierly, me too. Really excited for like half the shows listed there (especially Ringer), so bring on September!
Awesome! After the last trailer, I'm really excited for this show. Does the CW put episodes up on their website? I don't have a TV, so everything I watch is online ... and I would hate not being able to watch this. :-/
erendis, Yes The CW does put full episodes up online!
Sarah on Tuesdays... :D

Or on Wednesdays, I guess. (I do all my watching online too.)
Okay so I'm booking my Wednesday nights right now. Can't wait. Wasn't Buffy aired on Tuesdays in America?
Anyone know what shows this will be up against on other networks?
It is on Tuesday nights. People are saying Wednesday because that is when it will be available online. It will be up against The Biggest Loser on NBC, Dancing with the Stars on ABC, Raising Hope and The New Girl on FOX, and NCIS LA on CBS barring any scheduling changes. All of those shows will easily beat (destroy) The Ringer in the ratings but on the CW expectations are very low.
Thanks active! I'm very happy to know that. :-)
Thanks IrrationaliTV, so it's against 2 reality shows? Eek. That's kinda tough. Good think it's a CW show then.
And I too am of the internet viewers, hope it'll be itunes-ed(is that a verb? Can it be?)
I've noticed the CW takes some time to put new episodes online, a least of Smallville and Supernatural. There were a few times I had a DVR snafu, and I had to wait almost a week for the eps to be up.
CW is my favorite network also, Ringer on Tuesday, The Vampire Diaries & Secret Circle on Thursday, then Nikita and Supernatural on Friday. Also good thing I have 2 dual tuner DVRs because on Friday they will both be working as Fringe, CSI:NY & Grimm will be on along with the CW shows. This fall looks great. But worried about Grimm, why do networks have to put all supernatural shows up against each other, that sucks. And for the record no teenager here either, 72 and enjoying life.

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