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June 20 2011

Christina Hendricks ties for Best Supporting Actress at the Critics' Choice TV Awards. She shares the award with Margo Martindale ('Justified').

The list of the rest of the winners can be found here:
Yay Christina!

I'm also thrilled to see that John Noble won! "Fringe" is probably my favorite current show, and he's simply marvelous on it.
Margo Martindale deserved that so much, she was amazing as Mags Bennett.
I agree with the Martindale and Margulies awards, and have no quarrel with any of the Mad Men awards. I don't watch the other shows enough to have an opinion.

The Good Wife is really underrated. Probably the best drama ever done about the problems of balancing family and career if you are a woman. Also well acted, entertaining, suspenseful, realistic, and not preachy.

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No one seems to have mentioned that Neil Patrick Harris was also a winner, for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.
Yeah, no offense to Hendricks, but Martindale was just flat-out amazing. Best thing about the show, at least in s2.

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