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June 21 2011

Amy Acker interview at Supanova Sydney 2011. The audio quality is a little ropey in places but it's a fun interview and worth listening to.

She's so pretty. I wish I had been there. She should have come to Brisbane. Fred was one of my favourite characters ever.
The Harry Potter guy: Tom Felton. Yeah having Tom Felton at Supanova was great and all (the Harry Potter fan in me was going crazy) but it made the whole thing even crazier then normal. It did free up (some) cues a little though, but it sorta took away from the other stars.

Nice interview, she seems so sweet about the whole thing, it's a big ask to do conventions and they all rise to it very well.
Cannot believe I missed this. Flew down from Brisbane last year for Eliza/Summer/Dichen/Charisma, then again for Joss at the Opera House. This would have been even better (my favourite actress), but due to the late switch I didn't even find out Amy was there until last night.

Hopefully she'll be back for the Brisbane & Melbourne leg some time in the next couple of years!
She's so sweet. I'm so disappointed that I didn't see Amy, Sean or James even though I was at one point only twenty minutes away - sitting an exam. Hopefully next year brings another exciting line-up of guests here.
My friend and I were only a couple of metres away during that whole interview :) Amy is so lovely!
I really do hope she comes to Melbourne next year, she's wonderful. I'm finally doing a proper DVD marathon of Angel after only ever seeing the show in pieces over the years, and she's utterly adorable. I want her and Morena for next year!
I'm going to Perth Supanova this Saturday and I will see her then, hopefully (along with Sean Maher and James Marsters). So sad that Morena Baccarin couldn't make it - but then at least it was for good reasons because she got work.
Here are my twitpics of some Supanova panels and also James in Concert Supanova Pics

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