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June 21 2011

Torchwood: Web of Lies format details. If this report is the totality of it, the ancillary to Miracle Day, featuring Eliza Dushku, will arrive in the form of an iOS app. First part free, all ten parts for $2.99. Not so much the "web series" people keep referring to it as.

It's a series available via the web. That's mah logic.
Confused now. What is an iOS app? Does this mean I need a smartphone or something to watch/play Web of Lies?

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@gossi: that's simply not what a web series is. You can't watch this on the web, you can only watch it via a downloaded app on a specific set of devices. Web = open, apps = closed. It's an entirely legitimate means of distribution, but it's not a web series.

@erendis: It means you need an iPod Touch, an iPhone, or an iPad. Unless they're also rolling it out in other formats, which I can't seem to find word of.
Well that's retarded. I was really looking forward to this, but I don't want to pay for it and support that crap.
Wow. I mean it's one thing to make this something you can only watch with a mobile app rather than via any web browser, but then on top of that they are limiting it to just one platform. :-(

As a developer who is aware of all sorts of cross-platform tools, there is really no excuse to target just one mobile platform for something like this.
Well, it's not clear if it's just one platform. That's all we have stated so far, certainly. But that doesn't mean there won't be options.
b!X, I just googled web series definition, google define it as: "A web series is a series of episodes released on the Internet or also by mobile or cellular phone, and part of the newly emerging medium called web television."
Sad days. Even if it is in other formats, I am a poor starving grad student with no smart-phone of any kind (and a very very outdated iPod). So no "Web of Lies" for me, I guess. :-(

Thanks for the info, though, b!x.
So the app will apparently be limited to Apple iOS platform (although, as b!X points out, that could very easily change). And it will have a $2.99 price tag. You already have to subscribe to Starz to (legally) watch the show (in the US, at least). That alone instantly narrows potential viewership. This seems like a cross-promotional effort, yet they choose to ratchet down the eyeball count even further with two additional roadblocks: pay-for-play and a single mobile platform. Seems arbitrary and limiting to me.
You don't have to subscribe to Starz if you have Netflix.
It'll probably end up on the DVD. I wonder what the BBC will do here in UK.
Bugger. Just bought a smart-phone only to have Auntie tell me it's the wrong sort (i.e. Android). Thought it was a bit naughty at first but then I remembered it's BBC Worldwide that's co-producing so they're allowed to finance proprietary apps, charge for "broadcasts" etc. (though it's possible this is wholly financed by Starz I suppose and also possible it'll be free in the UK but geo-blocked).
Pretty sure you'll have to wait 90 days to view it on Netflix.
Is it just my idea or is the 10-part bundle actually more expensive than buying the individual packs? Granted, practically the same price, but doesn't that defeat the purpose?
Aye, last I heard Starz fell out with Netflix.
If only there was another Whedonesque entry that British fans could make a comparison with.
b!X, didn't Starz announce they were either excluding or limiting their original programming on Netflix some time ago? I hope I'm wrong, but I seem to remember something about that because I have Netflix and I was glad about not having to subscribe to Starz until I read that announcement...

Oops, sorry - my post was late and I didn't see everyone's previous input about this issue!

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gossi, that was a Sony movie issue. But yeah the 90 day delay on Netflix for Starz TV product is real.
Well, I didn't say you wouldn't have to wait. Just that you didn't need Starz.
Careening wildly off topic: Anyone else misreading "Miracle Day" as "Miracle Laurie"? Because I do it every damned time.

Those Dollhouse imprints are hard to shake.
Miracle Laurie and Felicia Day got married?!?
It's nice to see the networks continue to support pirate sites.
The last "web series" whedonesque had addicted is the Sexy Nerd Girl one, where there is even a little bit of Nicholas Brendon talking about his penis, in the 2nd episode of the Toronto comic con.

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