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June 21 2011

Watch 'Once More With Feeling' online for free at Syfy UK. It's be there for the next week (UK only). They also have a Buffy musical quiz.

Easy quiz. Or possibly I'm just incredibly nerdy. Or, you know, both.
Just watching this, 'cos I can. You know, this episode holds together remarkably well over time. The first half of "Rest in Peace" is one of my favourite joss things ever.
Once More With Feeling's on. Must be Tuesday.
Mh, a bad typo in the musical quiz:

"Hot damn. You're practically ready to join the Byffy cabaret show."
@roadi- That's just how SyFy spells everything. As many "y's" as possible. :)
LOL. I noticed that.
14/15 on the quiz. Got everything right except the one about the Chirago demon ... I don't even remember that line.

Clearly it's time to watch the episode again. :-)
It's something like "A Chirago demon making like Yma Sumac, that'll stay with you."
Spike's crypt. Buffy enters. Spike emerges from his underground lair.

SPIKE: The sun sets and she appears. (climbs up the rest of the way) Come to serenade me?

BUFFY: So you know what's going on.

SPIKE: Well, I've seen some damn funny things in the last two days. A 600 pound Chirago demon making like Yma Sumac, that one will stay with you. I remain immune, happy to say. (holds up a bottle of whiskey) Drink?

ETA: Courtesy of

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Have to agree, easy quiz.
Sure is loading slowly.

Also, wow, super-easy.
Funny but I couldn't recall whether it was Willow or Tara that was supposed to be watching Dawn when Sweet's minions got her. Then I found Lethe's Bramble under my keyboard... Curse you Willow!
Aw, StalwartTrue you totally made me lol. Yeah easy quiz. I say that, but actually I suck at some of the really hard Buffy quizzes so at least this one makes me feel smart. Well, obsessive and nerdy at least.
Oh great, now that I see how it is spelled I can look up "Yma Sumac."

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