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June 22 2011

Custom made 12" Faith statue. Buffy fan Willowsworlock has made a Faith statue using the original Sideshow 12" figure that was released a few years back as its base.

I think I prefer this to the recently released official one as at least the character is dressed authentically and imo has more of the feel of the TV show about it.

Why can a fan make a figure look like Eliza when the professional companies can't? Beautiful.
Yeah, I know. It's weird isn't it. Maybe It's because they're not under the pressure to sell the things to a wider audience and so don't feel the need to overly 'sex her up' to sell to the predominately male collectors market.
Best one yet. The hair could be a tad bit darker for my taste. But that's it. Great job.
WOW, i'd actually buy that.
That's just wonderful. So much better than the recent official one like Sue says.

Maybe when an individual hand crafts something it's considered art, but when a corporation mass produces something it isn't, so they have to get permission? That would be my thought.
I was amazed to read that he didn't reshape the original head and that it was just a better paint job! Can definitely see Faith/Elisa in that and I don't see her at all in my Sideshow Faith figure! So I guess the original sculpt was good just a really, really crappy paint job on all of them! Wish I knew how to paint like that because I'd be fixing up my Faith pronto! Faith and Willow were the only two Sideshow Buffy figures that I was truly disappointed in.
Because fans have watched the show and know what the characters look like, while a sculptor may never have watched the show, and is only given a couple reference photos (which is why many sculpts look exactly like a particular photo, rather than looking like the actor from all angles).
And also because anything that is going to be mass produced needs to be kept as simple as possible for the casting process, so even if the original clay sculpt looked 100% accurate, by the time the cast is made of the original, then the mold is made for the production a lot of detail can be lost.

And wherever a "cheat" can be done they'll go with that, rather than recast an entire new sculpture. For instance - Chosen Giles actually has Angel Season Five's head, they just changed the hairstyle slightly and of course the paint is different. Or look at Anya, OMWF Anya, Anyanka and Hell's Bells Anya - the same exact hip-shot stance, they just changed the length/style of hair & the clothes. (And am I the only one who can't get her to stand worth a damn? Put her on the base, and she leans forward. Looks like she's about to push Buffy off the edge of the shelf.)

This is a fantastic reworking of the original. Makes me wish I had money.

Then again, a 12" Faith would look rather weird with all my 6" figures.
The thing is, Sideshow's sculpts usually are spot on. I really thought this Faith and Willow's sculpt were just so bad but after seeing how Faith could look with a repaint and the right hair it made a huge difference and it now looks like her. I remember when she came out and everyone was saying she looked like a middle aged woman. This artist in his comments says he didn't do anything to the sculpt or reshaping the face he just painted her as Faith should have been painted and gave her better hair.

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